Why use an Ostomy Accessory?

Ostomy accessories can be used together with your pouching system. You may use one or more of these products. Here are a few reasons to use an ostomy accessory:

• It may help the performance of your pouching system. For example, an accessory could help increase wear time, protect your skin, or make the removal of your adhesive easier

• It may help solve a problem such as leakage or skin irritation

• It may help improve the quality of your life by eliminating odor

Enhance your pouching system’s performance

with Adapt™ Ostomy Accessories

Count on the Right Fit with Adapt™ Barrier Rings

• Designed to be stretched or shaped

• Help preventing ostomy output from getting under the pouch seal, which may reduce leakage and skin irritation

• Improved fit of pouching system by cutting or stacking barrier rings together

• Alcohol free. No Sting from alcohol when applied to broken or irritatated skin

A Sense of Security Means Everything

CeraPlus barrier extenders offer an additional layer of protection for those concerned about lifting around the edges of their skin barrier. With a thin and flexible hydrocolloid formulation, Adapt™ barrier extenders conform easily to body contours. Three convenient strips make it easy to create a custom frame around the skin barrier. The end result is enhanced security, when it matters most.

Remove Adhesives & Barriers Quickly and Easily

Silicone-based and alcohol-free, this product helps remove ostomy skin barriers and adhesive residues. Evaporates readily and enables the skin to receive a new pouching system.

Comfort Without the Sting

Adapt™ no sting skin protective wipe is designed to be easy to apply, and to help promote skin health and comfort. It is not recommended for use with extended wear skin barriers as this may decrease wear time.

Colorless and Odorless

This pouch lubricant and odor neutralizer helps provide a level of confidence and security. Lubrication eases emptying and helps prevent pouch static and sticking. The deodorant (not a perfume or masking agent) neutralizes the odor. For use with drainable or closed pouches. Use with each pouch change or after pouch is emptied.

Ease of Use

Powder is used to absorb moisture around the stoma, which allows for better barrier adhesion to help protect the skin. Broken or irritated skin should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Paste is used to fill or caulk uneven skin contours to create a flatter surface. It can help to prevent drainage from getting under the ostomy skin barrier, and may extend the wear time of the skin barrier.

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