“I was fortunately advised by Linda R., R.N.E.T. at UCLA about the availability of Calmoseptine® Ointment for patients with severe perianal dermatitis related to incontinence or diarrhea….Patients have good acceptance of this product as far as the physical characteristics and also are happy with its effectiveness in treating the condition.” – Stephen L Kuchenbecker, MD

“As an ET Nurse in our research oncology facility, I’m frequently consulted for various problems where this ointment has proved quite effective in reducing symptoms and promoting healing….We’ve used the Calmoseptine® Ointment as a cost-effective barrier around these wounds and it can easily be reapplied at dressing changes.” – Betty Razor, RN, BS, CETN

“As a registered nurse and enterostomal therapist….I recommend its use with confidence to physicians and nurses alike for soothing and healing red, raw skin.” – Janet Ursua, RN ET

History of Calmoseptine

Calmoseptine® Ointment was developed 70 years ago, by a pharmacist, as a diaper rash ointment. Since then, Calmoseptine® Ointment has been proven to be an excellent moisture barrier ointment, used by patients and healthcare professionals for many conditions involving the skin of both adults and children.

Many companies have aimed to replicate our product and formula, but Calmoseptine® Ointment perseveres as the original calamine zinc-oxide menthol ointment that has been helping multigenerational households for decades.

Calmoseptine® Ointment is an effective, multipurpose moisture barrier that protects and helps heal skin irritations. People benefiting from Calmoseptine® Ointment are those needing protection, or with impaired skin integrity related to urinary and fecal incontinence, feeding tube site leakage, fecal or vaginal fistula drainage, moisture, such as perspiration, diaper dermatitis and minor scrapes & burns. It also temporarily relieves discomfort and itching.

Calmoseptine® Ointment is available in 2.5 oz jars, 2.5 oz tubes, 4.0 oz tubes, 20g tubes, and 1/8 oz packets through most wholesalers, distributors and pharmacies.