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The CeraPlus™ skin barrier comes in a range of fit options and styles to choose from. This includes both 1-piece pouching systems and 2-piece skin barriers. You can also shop from three different styles of convexity: flat, convex, or soft convex.

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Ceramide-Infused Ostomy Products

Ceramide is a natural component of your skin that helps protect against dryness and is also a key ingredient in the CeraPlus™ formulation. Learn more about how ceramide works to help maintain healthy skin.

Innovation In Action

The innovative CeraPlus™ skin barrier is designed to maintain adhesive properties, and features a formulation infused with ceramide to help protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The condition of the skin greatly affects how well products can adhere, as well as the comfort and well-being of people living with a stoma. The CeraPlus™ skin barrier is available on one- and two-piece pouching systems.

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