Debrisoft® Pad and Lolly

Effective wound bed preparation for all.

Debrisoft products are unique, clinically-proven, safe, and time saving mechanical debridement products that cleans chronic, traumatic, and superficial wounds, peri-wound, and hyperkeratotic skin.

Unique Benefits of Debrisoft®

How does Debrisoft® work?

Debrisoft®'s award winning technology, the monofilament fibers, reach into the wound bed or periwound skin and loosen debris and non-viable tissue gently through circular motion. Due to the high density of monfilament fiber composite, debris and non-viable tissue are lifted, bound and safely removed, while providing a virtually painless experience for the patient.

The fiber composite material of Debrisoft® consists of 100% knitted monofilament polyester fibers.

Beveled fiber tips loosen debris effectively while protecting newly formed granulation tissue and epithelial cells.

Fiber composite lifts, binds, and removes slough and debris, including biofilm.