Exufiber dressings

Exufiber®, the gelling fiber dressings, featuring Hydrolock® Technology

Hydrolock® Technology – Gelling fiber dressings reinvented

Exufiber is made using a patented processing method, with a different material from traditional gelling fibers. Our Hydrolock Technology locks in exudate, blood, and bacteria. ² ⁵ ⁶

Viewed under a microscope, you can see that Exufiber is pack with full of tightly entangled fibers that minimize the free space for fluid or exudate to flow, which in turn boosts the entire dressing’s integrity. The result is excellent tensile strength for easy removal ² ⁷ and superior fluid retention to minimize the risk of leakage and maceration.



Gelling fiber dressing with superior fluid retention¹ or highly exuding wounds

Exufiber® is a sterile non-woven gelling fiber dressing made from highly absorbent polyvinyl alcohol fibers. It can be used to manage a wide range of exuding wounds including cavity wounds, leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical wounds. Upon contact with wound exudate, Exufiber transforms into a gel that facilitates moist wound healing and ease of removal during dressing changes.²

Exufiber has a high absorption and retention capacity,   reducing the risk of leakage and maceration. 1  3  You can use Exufiber in combination with Mepilex® Border all-in-one bordered foam dressings.

• Superior fluid retention capacity when compared to a leading gelling fiber dressing*¹

• Less risk of leakage and maceration ¹ ²

• Transforms into a gel that facilitates a moist wound healing environment ²

• Easy one-piece dressing removal which may save time and potentially help provide patient comfort ²

• Combining Exufiber and Mepilex Border all-in-one dressing, with Safetac® creates an effective wound management option for highly exuding wounds

* when compared to Aquacel® Extra

Exufiber Ag+

Gelling fiber dressing with rapid antimicrobial action 1 for highly exuding wounds

Exufiber® Ag+ wtih Hydrolock® technology is a sterile non-woven gelling fiber design with a rapid antimicrobial action for sustained protection against a broad range of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria.¹ Exufiber Ag+ is proven to kill 99 percent of fungus within 24 hours (in vitro) and may reduce odor. ¹

Exugiber Ag+ can be used in the management of medium to highly-exuding wounds. Exufiber Ag+ can be used in combination with Mepilex® Border with Safetac®

• Rapid antimicrobial action for up to 7 days (in vitro) ¹

• Kills a broad range of pathogens including VRE, MRSA (in vitro) ¹

• Proven to kill 99% of fungus within 24 hours ¹

• Superior fluid retention capacity ⁵

• Highly absorbent even under compression ⁴


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