Pearls® absorb the fluid in loose stool by gelling it inside the pouch. The formed gel is thicker in consistency which prevent leaks normally associated with liquid output and helps prevent filters from clogging.

Pearls® are not just a gelling agent- it has an organic compound which specifically targets odor. The NanoActive technology absorbs organic odor molecules rather than just trapping them in the gel.

Pearls® are perfect for just about anything – overnight and every day use, extended periods of wear, long flights and special occasions.

Trio Pearls® Reviews

The breakdown of foods in the digestion process produces odorous molecules and in turn, gases.

The new Trio Pearls® incorporate a superabsorbent gelling polymer and nano-engineered ingredients that actively absorb odorous organic molecules rather than just trapping them in the gel.

NanoActive Technology locks the smells away, so even when you drain you will notice significantly less odour.

Other gelling products in the market simply trap some of the smells in the gel rather than reducing it.