Your pouching system should be as versatile as you!

A pouching system that truly fits the area around your stoma is the key to moving freely. With the right fit, not only can you help reduce leakage and skin issues, but you can move confidently knowing your pouching system is secure.

That’s why all SenSura® Mio pouching systems are designed with BodyFit Technology. BodyFit Technology is a unique, highly stretchable, elastic adhesive that adheres securely and moves with the body so you can twist, bend, and stretch more comfortably.

Discover the BodyFit difference

SenSura Mio is designed for full discretion

Quiet Material

Quiet by effective, SenSura Mio is the first ostomy pouching system made with soft, woven fabric that’s designed to be quiet without compromising performance.

Less Visibility

SenSura Mio’s unique grey color is designed to be invisible under clothing (even white) and the OEKO-TEX certified woven fabric minimizes friction for a smooth, effortless fit.

Odor Control

SenSura Mio has a unique full-circle filter for odor control, so there’s less risk of smells escaping from the bag.

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Prior to use, refer to product ‘Instructions for Use’ for intended use and relevant safety information.

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