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At Coloplast, we understand the importance of finding the product that fits your needs. The right product solutions help you follow your bladder management routine, but not restrict you or limit you from certain activities or living the lifestyle you want. We offer a wide range of product solutions that make managing your condition easier and more convenient.

SpeediCath® intermittent catheters

Discretion… Performance… Quality

SpeediCath catheters offer both men & women:

– The first instantly ready-to-use catheter

– The first compact catheter

– The first all-in-one compact catheter and bag solution

The SpeediCath® catheter family is an innovative range of single-use, hydrophilic-coated catheters for intermittent catheterization. They are packaged in a sterile saline solution making them instantly ready-to- use.

SpeediCath® with Triple Action Coating Technology.

It consists of three strongly bonded elements, designed to protect the urethra in three ways: it stays bonded, stays smooth, and stays hydrated.

The coating plays an important role in protecting the urethra¹

But unfortunately, not all hydrophilic catheter coatings are the same. Some of the common pitfalls can be:

Stays Bonded

SpeediCath’s unique hydrophilic coating stays bonded during insertion and withdrawal due to a proprietary base-coat that is covalently bonded to the catheter surface for an even coating without dry spots.

Stays Smooth

SpeediCath’s unique hydrophilic coating stays smooth because the polymer top-coat enables excellent water absorption for low friction, smooth insertion and reduced discomfort compared to uncoated catheters.

Stays Hydrated

SpeediCath’s unique hydrophilic coating stays hydrated with a special water-based solution that swells the coating and makes it instantly ready to use.

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