The combination of protective tip and sleeve are why all VaPro™ catheters provide 100% No Touch Protection

The protective tip

– Helps shield the sterile catheter during insertion from bacteria located within the first 15mm of the distal urethra

– Helps reduce the risk of carrying bacteria into the urinary tract

The protective sleeve

– Allows for catheter to be gripped anywhere

– Provides a barrier that helps keep germs away from the catheter

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VaPro Pocket™ Options

› Available with or without an integrated collection bag

› NEW VaPro Pocket™ catheter without collection bag means less packaging and less bulk for times when a bag is not needed, such as when catheterizing at home or when a bathroom is conveniently accessible

› VaPro Plus Pocket™ catheter with a 1000ml integrated collection bag for times when you are on the go, or a bathroom is not conveniently accessible.

Featuring an innovative straight tip and integrated collection bag, the VaPro Plus™ touch-free hydrophilic intermittent catheter is designed to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria and pathogens during the insertion process.

The VaPro Plus™ Coudé touch-free hydrophilic intermittent catheter offers fully hygienic usage, thanks to 100% No Touch Protection. The Coudé tip is designed to help maneuver around the tight bends found in a narrow urethra.

VaPro™ catheters are easy to use

The combination of protective tip and sleeve creates a no touch system that is easy to use. VaPro™ catheters are ready to use right out of the package with no extra steps required.

The voice of VaPro™ users

The latest user satisfaction study explored real-world preferences associated with using VaPro™ catheters. 25 participants from 5 countries (UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the US) were interviewed to assess the perceived advantages of VaPro™ catheters compared to other intermittent catheters. All interviewees had experiences with competitive intermittent catheters and changed to VaPro™ catheters.

* Hollister data on file, ref-00700, April 2018

Protective tip – proven pathogen protection

The protective tip works to reduce the risk of bacteria being carried into the urinary tract during the insertion process. This illustration demonstrates its effectiveness.

Watch these videos below to learn how the VaPro™ catheter’s protective tip and sleeve protect patients from pathogens and hear what VaPro™ catheter users have to say about it.

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