About VetBlue®

VetBlue foams, in combination with their proven antibacterial agents, aid in the suppression of proud flesh and actively fight infection within the wound. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to wound care. With the aid of VetBlue foams, wounds heal more quickly by suppressing proud flesh and allowing healthy cells to grow through a Non-Cytotoxic process.

Gentle but naturally powerful, VetBlue foam dressings create a multifaceted, non-toxic environment for wound healing. VetBlue’s unique capillary action continuously pulls harmful bacteria-laden slough, exudate and debris away from the wound bed.

This same action helps draw the body’s natural healing agents to the wound, resulting in a balanced healing environment. Safe, effective and versatile, VetBlue restores balance and efficiently heals a broad range of animals.

A Product with a Purpose

A Mission for Change From onset to outcome, the Hydrofera Blue® suite of wound dressings powerfully tackles any type of chronic or non-healing wound. Hydrofera’s VetBlue delivers an advanced line of wound care products designed to shorten healing times, lower treatment costs and deliver better patient outcomes.

A Mission for Change

Wound care is ready for change. From the way we change dressings to the way we understand and implement the science of healing, Hydrofera’s VetBlue is changing the way we think conventional dressings work and challenging the way we use science to heal.

Successful wound management requires management of bioburden, maintaining

moisture balance and removal of devitalized tissue. Hydrofera VetBlue foam

dressings can help all of these with a single dressing.