5 Products to Help Manage Incontinence

Incontinence can stem from a number of factors, including muscle changes, carrying excess weight or living with a health condition like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or dementia. No matter the source, patients often feel a degree of embarrassment initially but then realize that multiple products can help improve their quality of life. Learn more about what incontinence is and common approaches for managing symptoms.

What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence occurs in response to changes in the muscles and nerves. Urinary incontinence results when this condition affects the bladder — a condition also described as an “overactive bladder.” Urinary incontinence may emerge with age. It can also arise as a result of a urinary tract infection, pregnancy, menopause, being overweight or living with another medical condition like diabetes. It may be related to a prostate issue, or it could stem from lifestyle factors like smoking. Patients may also develop bowel or fecal incontinence due to this combination of factors, as well as in response to diarrhea, hemorrhoids or a lack of physical activity. 

For both forms of incontinence, not properly treating it can lead to complications. Patients may develop a yeast infection, redness, peeling or sores due to excessive moisture and exposure to caustic bodily fluids around the perineal region.

Managing Incontinence

Managing incontinence often starts with lifestyle changes. Patients may be encouraged to reduce coffee and alcohol consumption, stop smoking, lose weight, do Kegel exercises to strengthen the bladder muscles, and practice urgency suppression and timed voiding. 

Even with treatment, patients may continue experiencing some symptoms. In turn, your doctor may recommend you use a combination of the following incontinence products, which help you anticipate symptoms, keep the perineal region clean and hydrated, and lead a more active lifestyle. These solutions may include:

  • Underwear, liners, guards and briefs with padding designed to better absorb leaks.
  • Furniture pads and underpads, which use a waterproof or absorbent material to protect where you sit and sleep.
  • Fragrance-free moisturizing cleansers for removing bodily fluids from the perineal region.
  • Alcohol-free creams and skin barrier paste to protect and deliver moisture to the perineal region. These are typically formulated with petrolatum, zinc oxide or lanolin.
  • Urine collectors
  • Catheters
  • Antifungal medications for rashes and itchiness

5 Recommendations for Incontinence Products

Calmoseptine® Moisture Barrier Ointment

Calmoseptine is a multipurpose ointment that can be applied to the perineal region to soothe a rash or address another incontinence-related skin condition. Application preserves the moisture barrier, locks out outside fluids, provides antiseptic properties to treat bacterial and fungal infections and lessens itching sensations to help damaged or broken skin heal.



Critic-Aid® Thick Moisture Barrier Paste

Critic-Aid paste was formulated specifically for incontinence-related skin conditions. Zinc oxide helps soothe irritation, while this thicker skin barrier paste creates a layer to reduce exposure to caustic bodily fluids. This combination helps guard against skin breakdown and protects the perineal region from exposure to bodily fluids.



Baza® Cleanse and Protect All-in-One Perineal Lotion

Baza Cleanse and Protect Lotion is a multipurpose solution that serves as a no-rinse cleanser, moisturizer and barrier cream for incontinence patients. Application helps soothe and moisturize the skin while creating a breathable barrier for the perineal region against exposure to bodily fluids. Its non-irritating, pH-balanced formula further functions as a shampoo and body wash for patients who can’t bathe in a shower or tub.



MoliCare® Hypoallergenic Gentle Skin Washcloths

These pre-moistened, disposable washcloths help remove bodily fluids to cleanse the body and perineal area and help prevent skin breakdown. An alcohol- and paraben-free, lanolin-based formula is gentle on the skin to reduce irritation, epidermal water loss and incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD).




MoliCare® Repositioning Underpad – Heavyweight

Breathable, disposable and durable polymer materials help absorb bodily fluids once positioned under a person with incontinence. Friction-reducing construction with low-profile edges reduces potential pressure points while holding onto moisture and controlling odors.






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