Closed Ostomy Pouches: An Overlooked Alternative

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Our product specialists at Medical Monks field hundreds of ostomy-related calls a week from our customers.  In fielding these calls, we notice that many ostomates are unaware they have the option to choose closed pouches rather than drainable pouches for a variety of situations.  This is because most medical practices automatically instruct ostomy patients to use drainable pouches for two main reasons:

  1. You have more than two or more movements per day and need to have the ability to drain frequently.
  1. Closed pouches are restricted to no more than two per day according to most insurance amount allowed guidelines.

Because of these instructions you’ve likely never heard of closed pouches and how they may be a great alternative for you.

Benefits of Closed Pouches for Ostomates

In many situations, closed pouches provide you with greater flexibility for leisure and living than drainable pouches.  Many customers choose to keep a small supply on hand during busy or active times, like during the summer and the holiday season.

These are just a few of the benefits of closed pouches for ostomates.

  • Closed pouches are offered in wide-variety of lengths and with or without filter.
  • A closed pouch will provide greater discretion than an often more lengthy drainable pouch.
  • Closed pouches can be tossed and replaced when you’re busy, out and about, and otherwise unable to drain.
  • The overall comfort and convenience offered by a closed pouch makes them the perfect choice for social events, long trips, and church functions, etc..
  • Closed pouches have the added benefit of promoting more intimate moments with your partner, making them a much better choice than drainable pouches for many people in your situation.

Why Are Drainable Pouches So Widely Advised?

To help manage inventory costs and reduce insurance billing complexity, hospitals and home health agencies typically carry and recommend only a select few pouch varieties. In addition, if you have more than two movements a day, drainable pouches are better suited for insurance billing.  Insurance allowables typically restrict participants to two closed pouches per day.

Once you leave the care of a hospital or home health care agency you may feel you don’t want to change and try new puching options beyond drainables.  This is very common and understandable.  We at Medical Monks are here to help you understand your pouching options and cut through the confusion and apprehension typically associated with introducing closed pouches into your life.

Ordering Closed Pouches

Even if you use drainable pouches, you can purchase closed pouches out of pocket as a supplement to drainable pouches. You may choose to have closed pouches billed instead of drainable through your insurance.  For example, instead of 20 drainable pouches you can choose 60 closed pouches.

There are times when the convenience of closed pouches and the comfort they provide make them a great add-on to your monthly billing order.  Supplementing with various pouch styles allows you greater flexibility with your active schedule.

You might want to begin ordering additional closed pouches in the spring in order to accommodate a busier summer schedule. Sometimes, you simply want the convenience of being able to enjoy the moment without concerns or the aggravation of draining.

Whatever your preference, closed pouches offer alternatives if and when you desire them. They provide a convenient option many ostomates are not aware of.  Now that you know, you can enjoy the many benefits closed pouches present for yourself.

What Are Some Great Closed Pouches on the Market?

Medical Monks offers an extensive selection of ostomy supplies for people who have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. We choose our top ostomy supply manufactures for their high quality and diverse types of ostomy products.

Below are two great closed pouch options for you to choose from.

  • Hollister Premier – One-Piece Pouch – 82xxx
  • Hollister New Image – Two-Piece Pouch – 183xx
  • Hollister New Image – Two-Piece Barrier – 1460x

For more information about closed pouches, please call us at 844-859-9400.


MedicalMonks_2Col_PosAbout the Author – The Product Specialists of Medical Monks contributed this article.  Medical Monks is medical supply retailer serving consumers and businesses across the United States.   Reach our Specialists at [email protected].

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