Hibiclens: the Germ Killing Soap with Staying Power

What is Hibiclens?

Hibiclens is an antiseptic, antimicrobial and bactericidal skin cleanser designed to protect against infection in both clinical and home settings. It is proven to decrease the presence of many common bacteria and viruses on the skin. These include MRSA, E-Coli, Staph, Salmonella and Strep. A trusted mainstay in hospitals, care homes and rehab facilities for over 40 years, Hibiclens is also useful on an everyday basis and is the #1 pharmacist recommended soap of its kind.

How Does Hibiclens Work?

The active ingredient is 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), a powerful topical disinfectant often prescribed for pre-and-post-operative cleansing. CHG begins to kill germs on contact, binds to the skin for up to 24 hours and increases in effectiveness after multiple uses.

Hibiclens is unique because of its proprietary formulation. It combines CHG into a pH-balanced mixture that is gentle on the skin. It washes away cleanly, yet continues to provide the extended protection of CHG. Therefore, it is suitable as an everyday cleanser in a clinical or home setting.

Hibiclens as Surgical Prep

Before and/or after invasive surgery, a patient will often be advised to bathe with Hibiclens multiple times. This is to help ensure that, when incisions are made, bacteria and other harmful substances are not being introduced into the body. 

For the same reason, surgeons and  surgery staff are likely to use Hibiclens to thoroughly clean their hands and arms before proceeding with an operation.  

Hibiclens in a Clinical Setting

As mentioned, Hibiclens’ unique, skin-friendly formulation has made it a go-to product in medical facilities for years. 

The available foam-pump packaging makes Hibiclens a particularly attractive option for budget-conscious facilities, where clinicians are required to regularly sanitize their hands. The foaming action reduces risk of spillage and provides better coverage than liquid, resulting in more predictable cost. If your facility is already sitting on a cache of liquid bottles, don’t fret. The Hibiclens foam pump is available separately

Hibiclens at Home

Hibiclens provides multiple advantages to healthcare practitioners in homecare settings, and also to regular people caring for a loved one at home. The Hibi Universal Bathing System, when combined with the Hibiclens liquid, provides an antiseptic alternative to a sponge bath. This can of course also be used in a clinical setting, but it provides particular convenience in the home, where fewer safeguards are available. 

Hibiclens can be helpful at home even without a healthcare situation. It is also very effective as an every-day preventative measure. Doorknobs, hand rails, elevator buttons, school lockers and gym equipment can often be just as contaminated with germs as any healthcare facility. It can be a real comfort knowing the 24-hour protection of CHG is working throughout the day.

Hibiclens Precautions 

Its important to remember that Hibiclens is intended for use on the surface of the skin only. While the CHG content is only 4%, it is still a serious chemical that should be treated with care. 

It is generally safe to use Hibiclens as you would any normal soap, with a few exceptions. It should not be used internally, on the face, private areas or on open wounds deeper than the first layer of skin. Do not ingest Hibiclens. When showering with Hibiclens it is important to lather up carefully, outside the water stream, so that these areas can be avoided. Children should always be closely supervised when using Hibiclens.

As long as these precautions are observed, this trusted product will provide consistent peace of mind, in the clinic and in the home.








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