Hollister Ostomy Accessories: An Introduction

Thank you for joining Penny today as we bring awareness to Hollister Accessories! Finding the best fit for your stoma is a key factor. Every stoma is different in size, shape and placement on the stomach, and everyone wants the perfect fit with no accidental leakage.

Adapt Skin Barrier Paste – The first accessory is the Hollister Adapt Ostomy Paste. It is used to fill or caulk uneven skin contours to create a flatter surface. Not made with natural latex rubber. It does contain alcohol – something to be aware of. The paste comes in 2 sizes 0.5 oz and 2.1 oz tubes.

Adapt Barrier Extenders – Adapt barrier extenders easily frame the skin barrier, and the thin, flexible hydrocolloid formulation helps conform to uneven body folds and contours. This may help increase wear time by reducing barrier edge lifting and increasing the adhesive coverage area. These may be beneficial for users who require an additional layer of security, do not use an integrated tape bordered product, or need extra adhesion to accommodate a parastomal hernia or abdominal creases.

Flextend Skin Barriers – See the video on how well it attaches to compromised skin from a Urostomy or an Ileostomy. The stoma Barrier fits right over the Flexend which absorbs and holds moisture that protects the skin around the stoma from breaking down.

Adapt Ceraring Barrier Rings – *Infused with Ceramide is designed to locks moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation.* Rings offer an alternative to pastes that soothes the skin at the same time to prevent irritation. Featuring a thin and pliable design, the rings can be cut into different shapes, folded over, stretched out, molded, or stacked on top of each other to fill in uneven peristomal skin and improve the fit of the ostomy system’s barrier plate.

Adapt Ceraring Convex Barrier Rings – Extended Wear for stomas with flat or indwelling stomas

Adapt Ceraring Oval Convex Barrier Rings – The Rings that look like eyes!

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