Product Explainer: InderDry Moisture-Wicking Fabric with Antimicrobial Silver

Join Nikki as she takes a look at InterDry®, a silver-infused moisture-wicking fabric from our friends at Coloplast!

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Interdry is designed to manage Intertrigo – a red, itchy, burning rash that can occur in skin folds and other moist places prone to skin-on-skin friction.

Interdry is most commonly used on the abdomen, under the breasts, in armpits/elbows/knees, the groin area and between the buttocks, fingers and toes. It can also be used with heel boots, braces, hand splints, removable air casts and under compression garments.

Warning: do not use Interdry on open oozing sores or cracked and/or bleeding skin. Do not use if you have a silver allergy. It is also not for use with powder, creams or lotions.

How to Apply: Interdry can be left on up to 5 days and has a 2-year shelf life. When applying the Interdry, make sure the area is clean and dry (use a hair drier if needed). Lay the product flat and smooth on the affected area, and leave a 2-inch tail exposed to allow the fabric to wick away moisture from the body. Always date the Interdry, this allows you to keep track of the 5-day wear time.

Everyday: Cleanse the skin reposition and use the same sheet of interdry unless it is soiled, this allows you to monitor the healing process. Interdry is not to be washed and reapplied, this reduces the antimicrobial silver. If you need a new piece cut if off and do not forget to date it.

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