Medical Monks vs. Porch Pirates

Having just made it through the holidays, there are many experiences we’ll all miss and remember fondly. On the other hand, the season also brings with it some things we would just as soon forget – like crowded, stressful shopping situations or the endless, endless baking. Here at Medical Monks we were reminded, via (where else?) the internet, about the danger of “porch pirates.” It seems every year there’s at least a few stories in the news of a family having parcels containing Christmas presents stolen straight from their porch.

According to CNN, almost 8% of the U.S. population say they’ve had as least one package stolen during the holidays. That’s a lot. And even though Medical Monks boxes are probably not gifts, there are still real reasons for this to be a big concern for us. Mainly, that this sort of thing does not happen exclusively in December, and that, frankly, your medical supplies are probably more important than little Billy’s new Pokémon or whatever.

But don’t fear, there are ways of protecting yourself from thieves. Even failing that, if something does happen the Medical Monks staff are ready to jump into action. Here it is: your belated Medical Monks guide to porch-package security!

Porch Pirate Prevention

First, of course, comes prevention. Medical Monks is committed to meeting your shipping needs, and part of that is taking preemptive measures to prevent theft. To that end, we put personal care into the packing of each order. We are the stewards and the overseers. We are like the mother bird tending her chicks, only her chicks are catheters and ABD pads.

All of this is to say that while the website may seem like a robotic, automated system (and to some extent it is), on the other end of that automation there are actual living, breathing humans reviewing, checking and packing each order. So, if you have some reason to fear your package might be an easy target for theft – like, say, you’re going to be out of town on the day it’s set to be delivered, or you live in a neighborhood with heavy foot traffic – you can simply let us know.

At the first checkout screen, on the very bottom after you’ve entered your shipping information, there’s a large text box labeled “Order Notes.” That box is your link to the people on the other end. If you have some specific delivery instruction you’d like us to pass on to the carrier, you can enter it there. You could, for example, request that the carrier leave your package at a back or side door more out of view. You could also request to arrange a signature-required delivery, where the carrier will only leave the package with an adult resident. These simple steps are typically enough to thwart most porch pirate thievery.

In addition, we’ll provide you with a first line of defense, which may seem simple, but it’s one taken advantage of by less people than you’d think. Online tracking, one of the low-key wonders of the modern age, gives you the ability to know where you package is every step of the way, which is why it’s important to provide us with an email address at checkout. As soon as your package ships, we’ll send you tracking information, and we’ll never share your email with any other parties or send you promotional materials without your express permission.

In the Rare Case…

In the rare case that the theft or loss of a package does occur, we’ve got you there too. As we often say, Medical Monks recognizes the often urgent need to receive medical supplies promptly. If you don’t receive your order, for whatever reason, you have only to contact us and our reps will be all over it in a heartbeat.

“But how,” you ask, “do I go about setting the Medical Monks staff loose to attack my problem, Avengers-style?” Funny you should ask. There are several convenient ways to let us know about a delivery issue. First, you could go old-school and simply give us a call at 844-859-9400. You could email us at [email protected] or even send us a text message. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive a quick response. We’ll probably need to ask a few questions – but your medical needs are our priority. You can trust us to replace your lost items promptly with no extra charge and deal with the carriers ourselves. We want ordering from Medical Monks to be a worry-free experience, so that even if something does go wrong you know we’ve got your back. It’s just the way we do business.

Until next time . . .

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