MediUSA Partnership Announcement

Medical Monks has always been keen to partner with manufacturers that share our passion for improving the health and lives of our customers. That means seeking out the very best – the innovators and originators in the medical supply field. This is why Medical Monks is proud to announce a new partnership with medi® USA.

A medical products and technologies company focused on healing chronic medical conditions, the medi® organization has been delivering high-value and effective solutions in the wound-care sector for decades. From the beginning to the present day, medi® has been a leader in compression therapy and innovative wound-care dressings. Now, they’ve partnered with UK-based Advancis Medical® to bring their highly advanced wound care products to the U.S. market.

The medi/Advancis portfolio

The current medi/Advancis portfolio is comprised of industry leading compression products, along with technologically advanced wound care dressings that help enhance healing rates, increase patient comfort and save clinicians’ time and money. 


Manuka honey, a unique type of honey native to New Zealand, is typically used as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to antibiotics. It has natural antimicrobial properties, helps to maintain a moist wound environment and can aid in autolytic wound debridement. Activon® is 100% medical grade manuka honey, available in a tube or an impregnated mesh dressing.


Advazorb® is a comprehensive range of patient-friendly, absorbent foam dressings featured in a non-adhesive or soft-silicone adhesive backing. The range is designed to overcome the complex challenges of managing exudate and protecting ‘at risk’ fragile skin, all while creating an ideal healing environment. Featuring a waterproof, low friction film backing, Advasorb® is among the most comfortable wound dressings on the market. 


Eclypse® is a super absorbent dressing with Crystalock® technology and non-strikethrough backing. Available in standard square and rectangle sizes, plus the Eclypse® Contour and  Eclypse® Foot, both of which are uniquely shaped to treat highly exuding wounds in difficult to dress areas.


Silflex® is a wound contact layer, made from polyester mesh with 2mm holes allowing for passage of exudate to a secondary dressing. Silflex® conforms to the skin’s surface for gentle adherence. The hydrophilic silicone coating sticks to the dry skin around the wound bed, rather than to the wound itself, helping to prevent traumatic dressing removal.


Circaid/juxtalite® are the leading clinical recommendation for inelastic compression wraps. Juxtalite wraps are built with inelastic compression to create higher working pressure for improved circulation. Elastic compression wraps and garments, by contrast, are constantly squeezing the limb, and are not recommended to be worn while sleeping. Juxtalite can be worn 24/7, and is therefore a better choice for anyone suffering from more advanced stages of venous disease.

A new partnership

The medi/Advancis line of products, combined with the Monks’ retail knowhow, will allow this new partnership to service medical facilities, including out-patient clinics, home care, long-term care and acute care. Most of all, it will help get these cutting-edge products into the hands of the patients who need them. Whether through institutional distribution or direct, out-of-pocket sales to the end user, Medical Monks consistently provides industry-low prices on industry-leading products. Our new affiliation with medi® USA is no different. 


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