On the Go: 5 Travel & Pocket Intermittent Catheters

Intermittent catheters help individuals living with certain bladder conditions manage their urinary output. However, this system may be cumbersome or inconvenient to take with you while traveling, whether for a daytrip or through airport security.

Pocket catheters offer a streamlined, more compact solution. Learn more about these travel catheters and get some recommendations for your upcoming summer vacation. 


What Are Pocket Catheters?

Pocket catheters are a smaller, more discreet solution that’s ideal for travel. A more compact design slides or can be folded into your pocket or bag. 

Its size depends on the user; male pocket catheters average around 16 inches in length, while those for adult female patients measure about 6 inches long. Those for pediatric and adolescent patients are about 10 inches in length. However, size will vary based on whether this intermittent catheter is simply shorter or uses a curved, foldable design. 

Common forms for pocket catheters include:

  • Folded or curved: This option offers the same length as a standard intermittent catheter but is folded, usually in half, in the package. 
  • Compact: This is a shorter catheter design. The tube, however, is still long enough to reach and help drain the bladder.
  • Closed system: This form is used for collection systems, which include an attached bag and introducer tip. Especially for travel, this pocket catheter lets you perform this procedure in a wider range of locations without risking bacteria exposure and a potential urinary tract infection. 

Application methods reflect those available for standard intermittent urinary catheters, including non-lubricated, pre-lubricated and hydrophilic options. 


About Traveling with Intermittent Catheters

While pocket catheters are less conspicuous, you do need to consider all the supplies that need to be used with them. Lubricant packets and sterile water can violate TSA rules concerning liquids in your carry-on bag. Anything you bring needs to be 3.4 ounces or less or packaged in smaller containers that fit inside a one-quart resealable bag. These amounts need to be factored in with the rest of what you intend to bring. 

Considering these restrictions, you’re advised to look for pre-coated, no-touch travel catheters lubricated with silicone oil, or storing your supplies inside your luggage in a durable, leak-free container. 

Along with these considerations:

  • Make sure you plan out the number of intermittent catheters you will need from the time you leave home until you arrive at your destination. 
  • Have all pocket catheters and supplies in an accessible location in your carry-on bag. 
  • Closed-system catheters tend to be ideal when you’ll have limited restroom access. 
  • Along with all catheters and lubrication, make sure you include a sanitizing solution with your supplies. Disposable antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer are ideally sized for travel. 


Travel Catheter Recommendations


VaPro Plus Pocket™ Intermittent Catheter 16″

This is a no-touch, hydrophilic pocket catheter equipped with a protective tip, anti-reflux valve and sleeve plus a collection bag. This combination helps reduce bacteria exposure and subsequent infections during insertion. It is pre-coated and protects against backflow no matter where you self-catheterize. 



Cure Twist™ Female Intermittent Catheter

Shaped and sized like standard cosmetic products, this discreet female pocket catheter opens with a twist motion and includes polished eyelets and a pre-lubricated tip for smoother insertion and removal. A funnel end lets you connect it to most forms of urinary tubing. 



SpeediCath® Compact Male with SpeediBag

About half the size of a standard intermittent catheter, the SpeediCath® Compact is ready for use with a discreet appearance, friction-reducing hydrophilic coating that shortens preparation time, a resealable design for convenient disposal and no-touch insertion to lessen bacteria exposure and infection risks. 



Infyna Chic™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

The Infyna Chic catheter offers a single-hand open-and-close, no-touch, hydrophilic design for female patients. A collection bag can be attached without having to remove the catheter from its case, while the re-closable system won’t leak after use.  




SpeediCath® Flex Coude Pro Pocket Catheter

Equipped with a protective dry sleeve, this flexible, re-closable pocket catheter features a curved tip that adapts to the urethra’s shape and a soft-squeeze tip that limits contact. 






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