The Best Colostomy Bags for Swimming

If you’re wondering, “can you swim with a colostomy bag,” you don’t have to anymore. In general, stoma bags are waterproof and can be used to go swimming. So you don’t have to worry about ordering a special kind of bag just for one occasion. You can use the one you’re currently using.

You may think that having a colostomy bag will prevent you from living your life to the fullest and doing the things you love. However, that’s not true. So if you love swimming, don’t let your ostomy bag prevent you from doing so. You can still maintain your active lifestyle if you know what kind of bags to use.

If you recently got a colostomy and want to know what kind of bags are suitable for swimming, keep reading below. Plus, learn some valuable tips that can help overcome your fear of swimming with a stoma.

Swimming After a Colostomy

Having an active lifestyle even after a colostomy means that you’re trying your best to get your life back, despite the lifestyle changes. You can only eat the same foods you want, allot a few minutes to clean your pouch, and more. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop the activities you used to enjoy.

So you might wonder if wearing a stoma bag hinders your ability to swim. The answer is no, and you can still enjoy the pool as long as you ensure the pouch is secure.

Below are the top manufacturers and the different ostomy pouch lines they offer to give you an idea of the best colostomy bags for swimming.

Tips for Swimming with a Colostomy Bag

To help you have a pleasant swimming experience, here are some tips to consider:

  • Find comfortable swimwear. The most crucial part of having a stoma bag while swimming is finding swimwear that won’t hinder your pouch. It’s best to try your swimwear at home to know how it feels.
  • Make sure your pouch is secure. Even though you know that your stoma bag is snug and leak-free, it’s best to try it out before swimming. You can sit in a bathtub for about 15-30 minutes to test it out.
  • Try a closed pouch. Although most pouches are water resistant, it also might provide a better sense of security to minimize possible break points. Using a closed pouch, as opposed to a drainable one, will give you one fewer place where water could potentially enter. Hollister and Coloplast, among others, have a great selection of closed pouches available.
  • Use ostomy accessories. Apart from choosing swimwear that will enhance your comfort level, it’s best to use ostomy accessories. There are many accessories to choose from to keep your comfort level 100%. For instance, an ostomy belt can provide an extra layer of protection since it provides pressure that keeps your pouch snug against your skin. Our friends at Stealth Belt offer a variety of custom belts for all types of activities, including swimming.
  • Check for skin irritation. During physical activities, like swimming, you may experience a loosening in your ostomy bag seal more often. Often, this will be due to skin irritation, which can compromise pouch adhesion. Before getting in the pool, be sure your peristomal skin is clear of any rashes or sores.
  • Always carry extras. Wherever you’re going, always bring extra supplies in case emergencies happen.
  • Don’t Let Your Colostomy Stop You From Enjoying the Pool

If you enjoy swimming, whether it’s summer or not, don’t let your colostomy pouch stop you. Taking extra precautions is all you need to enjoy the pool! Plus, knowing the best brands and some tips can increase your confidence while you’re soaking under the sun.

At Medical Monks, they have some of the best ostomy bag brands to choose from. Here, you can find bags that give you the comfort and confidence you need.

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