The Best Lotions for Treating Diabetic Dry Skin

Every year, millions of people worldwide are diagnosed with diabetes. It’s a long-lasting health condition with many complications, which can affect a person’s life in many ways. One of them is dry skin. Since people with diabetes suffer from poor blood circulation, they can experience diabetic dry skin. So it can be itchy and annoying.

One solution for itchy and dry skin due to diabetes is diabetic lotion. Looking for the best lotion for diabetic dry skin can combat many other side effects of this chronic disease, such as redness, poor circulation, rashes, and sores. Moreover, diabetes compounds the risks of skin disorders, so choosing a suitable lotion is essential.

Don’t let diabetes ruin your skin. Make sure to use a diabetic lotion for dry skin all the time to combat the many skin problems it brings. Learn the importance of using a diabetic lotion and a list of some of the best lotions available today.

Living with a Dry Diabetic Skin

If you have diabetes, you will notice that your skin is often dehydrated and flaky. Furthermore, it’s always itchy and numb. The number one leading cause of that is diabetes can damage the nerves that help transmit sensation to your skin. Another reason is due to poor blood circulation.

People with diabetes are also prone to open wounds and sores, which can become serious if not attended to properly. It’s why having a lotion for diabetic dry skin on-hand is of utmost importance. It helps moisturize the affected area and protect it from infection or further damage.

The Best Lotions for Treating Diabetic Dry Skin

When looking for the best lotion to moisturize diabetic dry skin, it’s essential to consider several factors. Look out for lotions specially formulated for diabetics, containing ingredients that help soothe and protect the skin. Below is the list you must consider before making a purchase.

Sween Once a Day Moisturizing Body Cream

For those who are not a big fan of applying lotion or moisturizers on the body, then Sween Once a Day Moisturizing Body Cream is a great option. It’s a brand by Coloplast, which offers full coverage even if you apply it on your body once for the entire day.

Benefits of Sween Once a Day Cream:

  • Eliminates the need to apply moisturizer on your body constantly
  • CHG compatible and can be used under nitrile and latex gloves
  • Quick absorption
  • Sufficient for use on neonates

It’s formulated with dimethicone, ideal for dry, chapped, and chafed skin and lips for up to 24 hours. It’s also a skin protectant, which means it acts as a skin barrier and is free from fragrances and lanolin. It’s designed to be applied once daily for adequate hydration and relief.

Atrac-Tain Moisturizer

Atrac-Tain Moisturizer is another Coloplast brand specially formulated with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and urea. These two ingredients work together to provide superior moisturization and a degree of relief that gives users comfort when managing extremely dry, cracked, scaly and fissured skin.

Benefits of Atrac-Train:

  • Prevents moisture from evaporating without clogging the pores
  • Free of fragrances and preservatives to avoid irritating the skin
  • CHG compatible and can be used under latex, nitryl, and vinyl gloves
  • Solution for reducing foot ulcers

Atrac-Tain is composed of 4% AHA, which effectively locks moisture in. Therefore, the skin is less likely to crack due to improved elasticity. Furthermore, it also has 6% urea, which helps increase the epidermis’s water content.

AMERIGEL Care Lotion

AMERIGEL Care Lotion is a fast-absorbing lotion that can instantly rehydrate and soothe irritated and dry skin with its deep-penetrating formula. It’s hypoallergenic, which means it’s safe for people with diabetes and won’t cause any adverse reaction to the skin.

Benefits of AMERIGEL Care Lotion:

  • It contains natural ingredients that are proven to provide adequate hydration
  • Softens and exfoliates corns and callouses
  • Has earned the APMA Seal of Approval

AMERIGEL Care Lotion is also safe between the toes without causing maceration. Furthermore, it’s a lotion that Podiatric Physicians highly recommend for Diabetics’ daily skin care.

Sween Cream Moisturizing Body Cream

Sween Cream Moisturizing Body Cream is another Coloplast brand best used in conjunction with a wound care solution. It offers a whole-body solution, which works wonders in terms of soothing dry, itchy, and irritated skin. It also provides the body with vitamins A and D, which effectively helps it heal and build damaged tissue.


Benefits of Sween Cream Moisturizing Body Cream:

  • Doesn’t interfere with wound care
  • It has a non-occlusive formula
  • Suitable for neonatal use
  • Won’t interfere with tape adhesion
  • CHC compatible

Since it doesn’t affect wound care, you can use this without compromising the hold or adhesion of your tapes and bandages. You can also apply it to the surrounding area of the wound.

Resta Crème

Resta Crème Moisturizer for Dry, Irritated Skin offers superior moisturizing elements that diabetic and burn patients use. It’s a waterproof lubrication that melts on contact, which means it penetrates the layers of the skin and holds moisture in for 12 hours.


Benefts of Resta Crème:

  • It doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin
  • Fragrance and preservative-free
  • Non-comedogenic

This moisturizer is best applied after washing or hydrating and before bedtime to trap the maximum moisture. Allow Resta to soak in thoroughly, and use only twice daily as needed.

3M Cavilon Extra Dry Skin Cream

3M Cavilon Extra Dry Skin Cream is an ideal moisturizer for diabetic feet. It can be used daily and moisturizes cracked, dry, and scaly skin. Apart from the feet, you can also use the cream anywhere on the body.

Benefits of 3M Cavilon:

  • Skin-friendly and versatile
  • Moisturizing effects last up to 24 hours
  • Fast-absorbing and vanishes into your skin

3M Cavilon is durable, non-greasy, and hypoallergenic, which is ideal for diabetic patients. It features a lipid-rich formula, which is responsible for its extended relief.

Care for Your Dry Skin with Incredible Diabetic Lotions & Moisturizers

If you have diabetes, lotions and moisturizers will be your best friend. So it’s best to find incredible brands that are proven to provide you with the relief you’re searching for.

The list above is a good starting point; you can use them to improve your quality of life as someone with diabetes. Fortunately, you can find them at Medical Monks. Check out our skin care products to help you deal with dry skin if you have diabetes.

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