Medical Monks is driven to provide our loyal customers with the most exceptional products on the market. We are always searching to find product partners who share our passion for outstanding quality and a commitment to better health. To this end, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Trio Ostomy Care USA – an organization at the forefront of ostomy technology and patient care.

This collaboration will help bring something completely new to our ostomy product catalog: a line of accessories featuring all-silicone construction, right down to the adhesive itself. Long a leader in the UK and European ostomy markets, Trio’s distinctive products are poised to become a favorite here too!

Created as an alternative to industry-standard hydrocolloid adhesives, Trio’s Sil2 Breathable Silicone technology provides instant adhesion and clean, pain free removal, helping to reduce instances of dermal damage and “skin stripping.” These qualities also allow for a supremely flexible and contour-hugging fit, as in the barely-there Trio Silex® flange extenders, which keep the ostomy baseplate secure while allowing full freedom of body movement.

Significantly, the all-silicone formulation is both breathable and non-absorbent. That means it is designed to stand up to potential contact with ostomy output without breaking down. A perfect example is Trio’s line of barrier rings: the flat Siltac® seal and the convex option, Silvex® seal. These products support the skin’s natural barrier function and allow the skin around the patient’s stoma to breathe and heal by protecting it from irritants. 

Even more unique is Trio’s Silken® silicone gel. Functionally similar to stoma paste, Silken® gel is applied straight from the tube to the peristomal area. It then cures slowly after the pouch is applied, filling all creases and gaps as it turns into a flexible silicone solid.  Silken® gel is made of 100% silicone so there is no stinging like there is with pastes. 

Trio’s catalog expands even further, with silicone-based skin protectants and adhesive removers available, plus Trio Pearls® – a super absorbent gelling sachet that actively absorbs odor and prevents leaks during periods of prolonged wear. 

As if that wasn’t enough, early this summer, Trio Ostomy Care will be unveiling their very own one-piece ostomy pouches, with skin barriers utilizing their patented Sil2™ breathable silicone technology. 

Medical Monks is elated to offer these cutting-edge products at an affordable price and delivered with our signature compassionate service. Please feel free to ask us for more information about this unique product line!


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