What Scares Us: A Medical Monks Halloween Special

Some would say Halloween is about candy, innocent pranks and family fun. This may be technically true, but there are those who believe the October holiday’s true essence is one of abject, bone-chilling terror. This year, Medical Monks is taking a page from that book for a Halloween feature so scary – so spine-tingling – that no one reading this will ever be the same again.

In order to achieve this feat of spookitude, the Monks staff has pondered the most horrifying apparition to ever haunt their collective nightmares: mistakes and problems in the use and application of disposable medical supplies.

They have put together a list of issues that most keep them up at night. But fear not! While these tales may send a chill down your spine, the Monks will also provide remedies and products to help you avoid the perilous fate that has befallen so many.

Read on, if you dare…

Name: Penny
What Scares Me: Pancaking Ostomy Pouches

Pancaking is a common ostomy problem where, because of its consistency, the output stays packed in the top of the pouch near the stoma, rather than falling down to the bottom where it can be drained. A great solution for this issue is Adapt Lubricating Deodorant. Sold in an 8oz bottle or convenient travel packets, Adapt neutralizes pouch odors and keeps everything flowing downriver, allowing for much easier drainage.

Every time you change or clean your pouch, pour in about a teaspoon of Adapt, and swoosh it around until sudsy. You’ll also want to massage it around the stoma area. This helps with the lubrication. For those using drainable pouches, this process will make drainage much easier. Even if you’re a closed pouch user who doesn’t drain, you’ll find a lot of benefits here in terms of odor and output manageability. Go With the Flow: Buy ADAPT >>>>>

Name: Adam
What Scares Me: Chronic Wounds Healing

We have so many customers with chronic, difficult-to-heal wounds. Often caused by complications from Diabetes or other immunodeficiencies, a chronic wound is basically characterized as a wound stalled at a certain stage of the healing process. There are many advanced wound care products dedicated to solving this problem. However, many folks find it difficult to locate a high-quality dressing that won’t break the bank.

Hydrofera Blue is a perfect alternative that retains the high absorptive properties of foam dressings along with the antibacterial properties of silver, all at an affordable price. It’s been proven to accelerate healing in chronic wounds by fighting off microorganisms in wound beds, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any abrasion you might have on any part of the body. Do the Blue: Shop HYDROPHERA >>>>>

Name: Dane
What Scares Me: Catheter Insertion Problems

Catheter insertion can be a frightening proposition for some, and for good reason. Improper insertion of intermittent catheters has been linked to infection (like UTIs) and urethral damage. These days, the packaging of many catheters is designed to decrease the risk of contamination by allowing users to insert their catheter without touching it directly. The user actually maneuvers the cath using the packaging itself, eliminating the need to have gloves on hand. In addition, hydrophilic-coated catheters have a specialized smooth, slippery coating that decreases friction during insertion, lowering the risk of trauma.

If you are in any way experiencing insertion-related problems, we suggest trying some of these newer catheter options. While the price of a hydrophilic catheter may be more expensive, the reduced risk of frequent doctor’s visits makes these more advanced models pay for themselves. Keep it Smooth: Browse HYDROPHILLIC Catheters >>>>>

Name: Alec
What Scares Me: Scar Management

Scars can be a big issue for someone in a post-op situation, or for anyone recovering from an injury. Too many people assume that the permanent appearance of scar tissue is unavoidable in these situations. Fortunately, developers of wound-care technology have made some real breakthroughs in scar management.

Mepiform strips are designed expressly to minimize the appearance of scars by using Safetac Technology. They are effective in treating new scars and recently closed surgical sites, as well as reducing the size and color of older keloidal scars, which can be raised and discolored.

To apply, simply stick the self-adhesive silicone strips over the scarred area. They can be used as-is, or cut to size. Ideally, the strips will be worn 24-hours a day with only once-daily removal to inspect and clean the area. The Mepiform adhesive can be reapplied multiple times, however, so each strip can be worn for several days. After 2-6 months, depending on severity, your scar should show very significant improvement. Minimize Scars: Try MEPIFORM >>>>>

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