Items with an Rx prescription icon on a MEDICAL MONKS™ product page require a prescription.  The icon looks like this:

  1. Customer orders will not be shipped until a copy of the Rx matching the item purchased is on file at MEDICAL MONKS.
  2. We will not ship partial orders. If your order contains item(s) that require an Rx and items(s) that do not require a Rx we will hold the entire order until a copy of the Rx is on file at Medical Monks.
  3. Customers can provide a copy of an Rx to MEDICAL MONKS by either:
    • Attaching a copy of the Rx to the order when you are prompted during check-out (this is the preferred method)
    • Sending a copy of the Rx via email to
    • Taking a picture of your Rx using your smartphone and texting it to 614-636-6658
    • Faxing a copy of your Rx to 844-859-6188
    • Calling us at 844-859-9400 and directing us to contact your prescribing physician to obtain a copy of the Rx
  4. We do not accept prescriptions via regular mail.
  5. We will keep a copy of the Rx on file until the Rx is out of date.
  6. Professionally Licensed Institutions can buy prescription products from MEDICAL MONKS without a prescription.  Please call MEDICAL MONKS at 844-859-9400 if you are a Professionally Licensed Institution and interested in buying prescription products.
  7. Prescription Policy questions can be directed to
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