Briefs, Diapers & Protective Underwear

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Protective underwear, waterproof briefs and overnight adult diapers help manage incontinence while maintaining health, comfort and dignity. Choose from sizes and styles that accommodate moderate to heavy incontinence, including maternity underwear, baby diapers and youth training pants from brand names you trust. Also find a wide selection of bed pads, skin cleansers, Baza moisture barrier cream and other incontinence supplies.

Adult Protective Briefs: Sometimes referred to as adult diapers, adult protective briefs offer maximum protection for overnight peace of mind. These disposable plastic-backed diaper briefs include adjustable tabs for easy on-off and a custom fit, ultra-absorbent cores that neutralize pH and control odor, and breathable side panels for added comfort. Find a variety of sizes for teens and adults from small to XXL with bariatric options available.

Belted Undergarments: Detachable belts or straps that attach to a thick center pad make belted undergarments a cost-effective alternative to adult protective briefs. Wider openings around the hips and legs offer cooler comfort than briefs while super-absorbent pads provide secure protection and odor control for moderate incontinence. Find options with slide-through belt or button-on straps.

Pull-On Protective Underwear: This option offers discreet, comfortable and disposable protection for moderate to heavy incontinence. Find pull-on protective underwear designed for women and men that can be worn under clothes during the day or overnight. Some selections include adjustable tabs, and all include excellent absorbency and odor control.

Waterproof Cover-Up Briefs: These washable cover-ups provide complete incontinence protection when worn overtop a diaper or other protective pad. Find pull-on and snap-closure waterproof cover-up briefs in plastic-coated nylon, men’s cotton boxers with a built-in moisture-proof pouch and women’s one-piece panties that require no pad insert. Get the feel, wear and care of regular underwear with total peace of mind.

Mesh Maternity Underwear and Baby Diapers: Disposable or washable mesh underwear is designed to keep absorbent pads in place. This option is ideal for pregnant women and others managing short-term incontinence. Find latex-free options in multiple sizes along with baby diapers and youth training pants with free shipping available on qualifying orders.