1-Piece Drainable Pouches

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For patients living with a stoma, a one-piece ostomy system delivers a more convenient, streamlined experience. A pouch pre-attached to the barrier results in a single-piece system that is secured around the stoma. One-piece pouches are known for a more discreet, lower-profile design, better adhere to uneven surfaces and take less time to attach and remove.

Yet, not all one-piece ostomy pouches are identical. Patients have a choice of two basic types: closed, which are ideal for those with consistent, measured, and typically solid outputs, and drainable, which are designed to be emptied and include a clamp, clip or similar securement feature. 

Features of One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouches

Drainable ostomy pouches are equipped with a similar set of features:

  • An open-ended pouch that the user can empty periodically.
  • A securement device, such as a clamp, integrated clip, press-and-seal mechanism or Velcro.
  • A “tail” tucked into the closure for efficiently emptying the pouch.

Benefits of One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouches

As you explore pouch types, one-piece drainable ostomy systems offer the following advantages:

  • Reusable: These systems will only be replaced once you detach the barrier plate. In between, you empty, clean and secure the drainable pouch based on output.
  • Multiple solutions: Certain securement solutions are more discreet than others. You’re advised to try out different types based on comfort, security and dexterity.
  • Output: Drainable ostomy pouches better accommodate liquid output, including both urine and feces. These systems are ideal for patients living with an ileostomy, who have frequent or inconsistent output and can accommodate those with a urostomy.
  • Fewer changes: If you prefer a one-piece system, drainable pouches involve fewer changes compared to closed-end options. You, a result, go through fewer ostomy appliances. 
  • Better adherence: One-piece ostomy pouches, in general, provide better flexibility and adherence, including on uneven surfaces, compared to two-piece systems.