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What Are Two-Piece Ostomy Systems?

Two-piece ostomy systems offer a convenient solution: the user simply has to remove the barrier or baseplate without detaching the complete system.

This general type of ostomy system consists of two components. A barrier plate is placed on top of the stoma and, via the flange, attaches to the ostomy bag. Within this setup, the barrier plate, with a ring or seal below, protects the surrounding skin and allows waste to funnel and collect in the ostomy bag.

Multiple sizes and shapes accommodate stoma types and body contours.

By contrast, a one-piece ostomy system joins the pouch and barrier together to simultaneously collect waste and protect your skin. The design can have drawbacks: one-piece systems are harder to position, and as a result, the patient often requires more tapes and pastes to keep it in place. As well, every time you change the system, the barrier wafer must also be replaced, which may irritate the skin surrounding the stoma.

Using a Two-Piece Ostomy System

As another benefit, two-piece ostomy systems can be worn longer than one-piece options. The user can change out the barrier once or twice a week, and the bag is designed to be worn for two to five days.

Types of Two-Piece Ostomy Systems

Patients have a few choices when it comes to their two-piece ostomy system:

  • Drainable ostomy bagshelp the user empty the pouch without having to fully detach it from the stoma.
  • Closed ostomy bagspresent a disposable solution that’s known to leak less, better accommodate active pursuits and can be worn in the water.
  • Urostomy bagshelp those with urostomies empty the pouch with a spout located at the bottom. This spout can be connected via tubing to collection bags if required.

Benefits of a Two-Piece Ostomy System

Flexibility is a key aspect of two-piece ostomy systems. Beyond this broader aspect:

  • The user can change the barrier wafer less frequently, which reduces irritation and is better for sensitive skin.
  • The user has the option to clean and attach the pouch, requiring fewer replacement bags.
  • The format allows the user to occasionally use a smaller bag, which is ideal for increased physical activity and accommodating a smaller amount of bodily waste.
  • Application requires less pressure.
  • The system accommodates patients who have had an ileostomy, urostomy and colostomy.
  • The two-piece design is ideal for individuals who change their bag less frequently.