2-Piece Urostomy Pouches

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If you’re being treated for bladder cancer or learning to live with a spinal cord injury, spinal bifida or another condition causing your bladder to malfunction, you may undergo surgery for a urostomy. A type of ostomy procedure, a urostomy results in a stoma to manage and drain urine only, causing it to pass through the abdominal wall to a pouching system.

Despite this specific use, urostomy pouches reflect formats and features of all ostomy systems: You have a choice of one- and two-piece designs, with a closed or drainable end for managing output. 

Two-piece urostomy pouches feature a separate barrier plate or wafer that’s secured around the stoma. A pouch or bag attaches via a flange.

About Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches

With a two-piece urostomy pouch, the barrier features adhesive backing to fit over the stoma and attach to the peristomal skin. The barrier may be pre-cut or let you cut it to a specific diameter. 

The pouch, meanwhile, attaches to the plate. A closed-end pouch is ideal for patients with consistent urinary output. A drainable pouch — more common for urostomy systems — lets you empty the contents with relative ease. You’ll empty the urostomy pouch once it’s one-third to one-half full. To remain less-conspicuous under your clothing, the pouch may use a chambered design for managing urine.

Additionally, you’re advised to consider how you’ll manage output at night. Many patients using a two-piece urostomy system attach it via an adapter to a drainage collector. 

Delivering these functions are the following features:

  • A tap or other opening to empty the urostomy pouch’s contents. This may include a tap or twist valve.
  • An anti-reflux valve to protect against backflow during wear.