Skin Care

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Skin Care Products from Medical Monks soothe, treat and protect your body’s biggest organ. From preventing diabetic foot ulcers to helping wounds heal faster to maintaining good hygiene for bedridden patients, our high-quality skin care products deliver healthy outcomes that are more than skin deep.

Clean and Soften
Skin is healthiest when it’s properly cleaned and moisturized. That can be a challenge for bedridden patients and people with chronic skin conditions or ostomy bags. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality fragrance-free moisturizer to avoid diabetic foot ulcers, no-rinse bedside cleansing options or reliable hand sanitizers, Medical Monks has what you need to get clean and soft. From bulk size tearless body wash to single tubes of Curad Lip Balm, we carry a huge inventory of personal hygiene products, moisturizers and skin care accessories, including wash basins and dispensers.

Treat and Protect
Once your skin has been compromised with a cut, radiation burn or fungal infection, treating it gently is paramount. We’ve included skin care products in our collection that gently cleanse and moisturize chaffed, chapped or denuded skin, as well as barrier protectors in film, cream, lotion, spray, powder and paste forms.

We also offer a full line of surgical prep skin care products like alcohol pads and swabsticks, powder-free vinyl or nitrile gloves, iodine solutions, applicators and more. When it comes to treating or protecting your skin or your patient’s skin, Medical Monks has all the best options for ethical, compassionate skin care.