Unna Boots

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What Are Unna Boots?

Unna Boots are an an adhesive bandage commonly coated with zinc oxide paste, which is used to treat slow healing lower leg wounds. normally caused by venous stasis ulcers. The purpose of this dressing is to help reduce swelling by compression, as well as keeping the wound hydrated via the zinc oxide paste.

The Do’s And Dont’s of Unna Boots

Unna boots are simplistic, but there are certain things you should avoid doing while having the dressing. There are also certain activities that are good for your dressing and the overall wound care process! This Includes:


  • Keep the affected leg elevated
  • Keep your dressing dry
  • Take walks


  • Take unnecessarily long walks (3 hours)
  • Shower with the dressing on
  • Place any objects within the dressing

Common Unna Boot Dressings

Some common Unna boot bandages we see customers are locing at Medical Monks include: