Adapt No Sting Universal Remover Wipes
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  • , Adapt No Sting Universal Remover Wipes

Adapt No Sting Universal Remover Wipes


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Manufacturer: Hollister
Brand: Adapt
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Adapt No Sting Universal Remover Wipes are an alcohol-free, silicone-formulated solution that helps clean away adhesive residue and prepare the skin for a new barrier plate during ostomy system changes.


Formulated with silicone: Exposure to caustic bodily fluids from the stoma can irritate and erode peristomal skin. Silicone helps preserve skin, and with no alcohol, Adapt No Sting Universal Remover Wipes remove residue, gently clean the area and help reduce irritation around your stoma, which can lead to adhesion issues.

Convenient usage: All wipes are packaged in individual packets, packaged in a box of 50. To clean the area, you apply the wipe to the barrier, which helps it detach from the skin. Wiping it over the skin then picks up any remaining residue before a new plate is applied.

Hypoallergenic: A hypoallergenic solution free of natural latex limits irritation and assists with preserving peristomal skin health.

Using Universal Remover Wipes
1. Tear open the package and take out the wipe.
2. Press or rub the wipe against your skin as you peel off your skin barrier and/or tape.
3. Press or rub the wipe over any areas of the skin where tape residue remains.
4. Ensure your skin is dry and apply your new ostomy pouching system as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adapt Adhesive Remover Spray
Is an adhesive remover always needed?
No, this product is optional. Use it to remove adhesive residue from your skin, or to make it easier to remove your skin barrier or tape.

Will this be uncomfortable to use?
This silicone-based product is formulated to be a no-sting alternative. When used correctly, the adhesive remover will help to make the removal of your pouching system easier and help reduce the potential for skin stripping.

Do I need to wash the adhesive remover off of my skin?
The adhesive remover evaporates quickly and dries without residue, so the next barrier can attach securely. If you wash your skin a fter use be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly before the next pouch application.

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Silicone Based



Box of 50, Case of 600

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