AQUACEL Ag Advantage Surgical Dressing

AQUACEL Ag Advantage Surgical Dressing


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Manufacturer: ConvaTec
Brand: Aquacel
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AQUACEL Ag Advantage Surgical Dressing is a combination dressing with a mix of skin-friendly hydrocolloid technology for comfort during body movement, and proprietary Hydrofiber Technology with ionic silver to help manage serosanguinous fluid.

It also has a cover layer of polyurethane film provides a viral, waterproof and bacterial barrier (when intact and with no leakage), for a high-performance dressing. Added ionic silver provides sustained antimicrobial activity for up to fourteen days as demonstrated by in vitro studies.

Primary dressing ideal for chronic and acute wounds that are infected or at risk of infection, with varying exudate levels

Sustained antimicrobial activity in dressing up to seven days and prevents microbial reformation
• Hydrofiber technology helps wound healing by absorbing wound fluid and creating a soft gel, maintaining a moist wound environment, and reducing pain associated with dressing changes
• Locks in exudate and bacteria to help minimize the harmful effects of maceration and cross-infection
• Micro-contours to the wound bed, eliminating dead space where bacteria can grow
• Antibiotic silver is combined with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (ETDA) and benzethonium chloride (BEC) to improve the action of the silver
• Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria within the dressing, including antibiotic-resistant microorganisms





Contains Silver


Dressing Size

3.5" x 4", 3.5" x 6", 3.5" x 10", 3.5" x 12", 3.5" x 14"

Includes Border



Latex Free


Post-operative Surgical Incisions


Each, Box of 10

Billing Supported

Yes on sizes less than 8"x8"

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