AQUACEL Extra Calcium Alginate Dressings with Hydrofiber Technology

AQUACEL Extra Calcium Alginate Dressings with Hydrofiber Technology


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Manufacturer: ConvaTec
Brand: Aquacel
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To hold onto exudate and create a moist healing environment, AQUACEL® EXTRA™ calcium alginate dressings use Hydrofiber® Technology. With two layers stitched together, each dressing holds onto 39% more fluid compared to its predecessor and offers an effective management solution for moderate- to heavy-exudating wounds, including chronic conditions.

The result further facilitates the healing process by controlling infection and lessening pain.

Protect your patients with AQUACEL® EXTRA™ Calcium Alginate Dressings

How do AQUACEL® EXTRA™ calcium alginate dressings work? Each dressing is composed of two-dimensional fibers designed for strength. Once in contact with the wound bed, this calcium alginate dressing does not take on a gel consistency. Rather, Hydrofiber® Technology helps uphold its integrity and strength for clean, one-piece and painless removal.

This combination:
• Protects the wound bed.
• Lowers the risk of peri-wound maceration.
• Reduces wound pain and pain during dressing changes.
• Maintains a moist healing environment.
• Results in a nine-times stronger material than standard AQUACEL® EXTRA™ dressings.
• Helps improve patient comfort during wear and dressing changes.
• Absorbs a larger amount of wound fluid.

How Hydrofiber® Technology Works

The key component of AQUACEL® EXTRA™ dressings, Hydrofiber® Technology:
• Holds onto exudate and bacteria to prevent wound fluid from migrating laterally.
• Prevents adjacent skin from experiencing maceration.
• Lessens cross-infection and wound-infection risks both while worn and during removal.
• Can be specifically shaped to the wound bed to eliminate dead space — or pockets where bacteria can grow and hinder wound healing.
• Helps balance moisture levels within the wound bed.
• Provides a gelling action to protect the wound’s tissue, including while in place and during dressing changes.

AQUACEL® EXTRA™ vs. Calcium Alginate Dressings

Research has shown that AQUACEL® improves healing time compared to standard calcium alginate dressings. For patients living with diabetic foot ulcers, AQUACEL® dressings allowed the area to heal in 53 days — compared to 58 for calcium alginate — and significantly lessened wound depth.

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Partial Thickness Burns, Pressure Ulcers, Surgical Wounds


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