Bivona TTS Cuffed Pediatric with V Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes

Bivona TTS Cuffed Pediatric with V Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes


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Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
Brand: Bivona
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Eliminate the need for multiple tubes with the Bivona TTS

The Bivona Neonatal and Pediatric TTS tracheostomy tubes offer many capabilities in one design. The TTS cuff when inflated, seals the trachea for a ventilated patient, and when deflated, rests tight to the shaft of the tube. This enables the tube to be used for weaning patients from a ventilator and also aids in speaking. The TTS provides a tracheostomy solution for a variety of airway management needs without having to change tubes.

The silicone material is intended to provide maximum comfort to the neonatal or pediatric patient by offering a soft, flexible tube free of DHEP, plasticizers and latex. The Bivona TTS tube range is recommended for neonatal and pediatric patients with sensitive tracheal mucosa or stoma site, when voice is desired, for intermittent or nocturnal ventilation, when the patient is ready for weaning.

Packaged individually sterile with obturator and twill trach tie.

Bivona Neonatal and Pediatric TTS tracheostomy tubes are intended to provide a tube that has the appearance of an uncuffed tube and the security of a cuff. The TTS cuff design has many benefits:

The TTS cuff takes the profile of an uncuffed tube when deflated which is intended to minimize trauma when the tube is inserted.
Multipurpose design and added security of the TTS cuff, eliminate the need for different tubes..
The silicone tube construction allows the tube to remain flexible in the trachea.
The wire-reinforced tube shaft design is intended for improved kink and crush resistance, while maintaining MRI compatibility.
A rounded obturator tip is designed for easy introduction into the trachea with minimal trauma.
The Neonatal and Pediatric tubes come have two neck flange options (Straight and V) for improved patient fit and comfort.


Smiths Medical




40mm, 41mm, 46mm

Inner Diameter

3.5mm, 4mm, 5.5mm

Outer Diameter

5.3mm, 6mm, 8mm







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