Carolon Multi-Layer Stocking System

Carolon Multi-Layer Stocking System


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Manufacturer: Carolon
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The Carolon Multi-Layer Stocking System provides advanced compression to manage and treat venous leg ulcers.

Multi-part system: A pair of overstockings and understockings work together to provide clinical-strength compression. The combination offers 30 to 40mmHg or 40 to 50mmHg of compression.

Overnight use: Not just for daytime wear, the understockings can be worn as you sleep to provide 15 to 20mmHg of compression.

Easy Removal: You don’t have to contend with thick, hard-to-remove compression socks. Due to the two-layer design, you simply have to pull up the understockings, and then the overstocking slides right on top. The process is just as straightforward during removal.

Continue Healing: For patients living with edema, the Carolon Multi-Layer Stocking System can follow the Carolon Wrap System to provide targeted compression therapy and improve healing.

Follow the usage of the Carolon Wrap System with the Carolon Multi-Layer Stocking System, designed for the final portion of your compression treatment.
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Compression Pressure

30-40 mmHg



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