CoFlex TLC Zinc Lite 2 Layer Compression Kit

CoFlex TLC Zinc Lite 2 Layer Compression Kit


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Manufacturer: Milliken Healthcare Products
Brand: CoFlex
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CoFlex® TLC Zinc provides a comprehensive, two-part system combining the structure of an Unna Boot with compression therapy while adding the calming effects of zinc. Soft foam treated with zinc is paired with a compression bandage for direct application, along with a nylon stocking to remain in place.

Providing guidance for this zinc compression bandage are visual indicators during application. CoFlex® TLC Zinc Lite offers 25 to 30 mmHg (for patients with an ABI > 0.5) of compression.

How CoFlex® TLC Zinc Compression Bandages Work
Compared to other Unna Boots and zinc compression bandages, the CoFlex® TLC system delivers 50-percent more zinc while offering greater breathability and absorbency.

CoFlex® TLC Zinc utilizes a two-part design:
• Foam impregnated with zinc has a soft feel while soothing wounds or irritated skin underneath.
• A non-latex short-stretch compression bandage adheres to itself without the need for tape. HandTear® technology helps you cut the ideal shape without scissors.
• The inner layer absorbs and holds onto fluid to create an ideal healing environment.
• Once secured, the CoFlex® TLC zinc bandage won’t slip during wear.

Together, these aspects:

• Bond together to prevent CoFlex® TLC Zinc from slipping or detaching during wear.
• Allow for straightforward application: Oval indicators change to circles once the ideal amount of compression is being delivered.
• Absorb up to 20 times the bandage’s own weight compared to a standard Unna boot.
• Deliver 50% more active ingredients than an Unna boot alone.
• Provide comfortable and breathable wear by cooling and soothing the skin to lessen an itchy sensation.
• Conform to the patient’s body shape without providing an unnecessary degree of pressure.
• Have a high vapor transfer rate, allowing the patient to wear CoFlex® TLC Zinc longer than a traditional Unna boot.
• Apply a light amount of compression to the area.

Includes a nylon stocking for additional support.

CoFlex® TLC two-layer compression kits are designed to enhance the experience of both the clinician and patient. Clinicians can choose from a wide variety of options to best solve their patients’ needs with the same easy application. Patients will enjoy the comfort the systems provide, which has been known to increase compliance. You can trust that Milliken’s Made in the U.S. quality products will help deliver a streamlined approach and excellent care in the treatment of venous leg ulcers.

Milliken’s CoFlex® TLC zinc compression bandages give patients more freedom and mobility. Trust Milliken CoFlex® TLC bandages to help deliver excellent care and comfort to patients.

What’s Different About CoFlex® TLC Zinc Lite Compression Kits
Ease of Use

• Offers a comprehensive family of products
• Two-step, quick, easy application
• Promotes safety through consistent application across entire line
• Features EasyTear technology for convenience

Patient Comfort

• Stays in place
• Provides comfort during wear
• Conforms to patient’s anatomy
• Dry options have odor and itch control, Zinc/Calamine options have soothing effect on irritated skin
• Promotes longer wear time with high vapor transfer rate

Effective Compression

• Features visual indicators to guide intended compression
• Provides restorative compression for patient needs

CoFlex TLC Zinc LITE: LITE COMPRESSION 25-30 mmHg (for patients with an ABI > 0.5)

• Layer 1 is a soft foam roll impregnated with zinc that soothes and calms skin with multiple wounds or other skin conditions.
• Layer 2 is a non-latex short stretch compression bandage that sticks to itself and features Easy HandTear Technology, eliminating the need for scissors
• Easy to apply
• Comfortable and breathable
• Absorbs 20xs its dry weight vs. traditional Unna Boot
• 50% more active ingredients than traditional Unna Boot
• Non-slip support
• Nylon stocking included
• Full HCPCS Reimbursement: Layer 1: A6456 Layer 2:A6452
• Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Product: 8830UBZ-TN
Product: 8840UBZ-TN


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6 yd, 7 yd


3", 4"


Latex Free


Venous Ulcers


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A6454, A6456

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