DermaTex Ag Moisture Wicking Fabric with Antimicrobial Silver
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DermaTex Ag Moisture Wicking Fabric with Antimicrobial Silver


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Manufacturer: HARTMANN USA
Brand: DermaTex Ag
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DermaTex™ Ag is a moisture wicking fabric that addresses the challenges associated with skinfold management. Properly applied, the silky smooth fabric eliminates skin-to-skin friction, and wicks excess moisture out of the skinfold. The product contains antimicrobial silver, which prevents bacteria and yeasts from developing within the fabric, thereby combatting any odor associated with these microorganisms.

Why it Works
Wicks Moisture: Captures and transports moisture away from the skin
Reduces Friction: Polyester fabric acts as a lubricant, reducing skin on skin friction
Neutralizes Odor: Presence of silver reduces colonization of bacteria and yeasts within the fabric

How it Works
Fabric is a skin protectant: Polyester fibers act as a lubricant, reducing skin on skin friction.
Absorbs moisture: Enables the skin to be kept dry by creating a pathway to remove sweat from the body.
Can remain in place for up to 5 days: The fabric conforms to anatomical contours and can be cut to size depending on patient requirements.
Antimicrobial silver within the dressing reduces odor: Within the fabric, the metallic silver reduces the colonization of bacteria and yeasts such as Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans.
No prescription required

Compare DermaTexTM Ag to InterDry®
DermaTexTM Ag has the same mode of action and the same clinical indications as InterDry®.
While being even more absorbent, DermaTexTM Ag is made of a softer and more silky material.*

To Use

1. Wash the area and pat the skin dry.
2. Cut the fabric to fit the wound or area.
3. Add a single layer of the fabric to the skin.
4. Keep two inches exposed.
5. Tape the dressing in place, if necessary.
6. Separate skin folds before removing the material.

* Data on file. InterDry® is a registered trademark of Coloplast Corp.




DermaTex Ag

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10" x 36", 10" x 144"

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Each, Box of 10

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