Eakin Cohesive Seals

Eakin Cohesive Seals


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Manufacturer: ConvaTec
Brand: Eakin
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eakin Cohesive® seals are the market leading ostomy seal with millions sold worldwide. They are the most absorbent seal on the market and are recommended by nurses and ostomates globally.

Why eakin Cohesive® seals?

#1 for absorption
eakin Cohesive® seals are designed to prevent and protect against leaks better than any other seal by absorbing more output. In fact, they absorb up to 4x more than competitor seals.

Absorbency Matters Most in preventing skin damage and stopping leaks. A seal that absorbs effectively stops output from reaching peristomal skin and therefore prevents your skin from damage or irritation. eakin Cohesive® seals mould securely to your stoma and stop leaks from occurring, giving you the confidence to live your life.

Easy to use – Mouldable and flexible
eakin Cohesive® seals can be shaped and moulded to suit any stoma. They are easy to apply and can be stretched, cut, broken and re-joined to create a secure seal around your stoma.

eakin Cohesive® stomawrap is also oval in shape with a cut our section allowing it to be wrapped around your stoma – ideal for larger stomas and those with limited dexterity or impaired vision.

eakin Cohesive® seals protect your skin from leaks by absorbing output. As they absorb, they transform into a protective gel, they must transform to perform.

This protective gel helps to safeguard your skin against damage. The gel creates a barrier between output and skin so even in gel form it will continue to protect skin.

More About Eakin Seals:

eakin Cohesive® small (2″ diameter – # 839002)
The Extra Protector. eakin Cohesive® small is our thickest seal that prevents leaks for those with looser output such as high output stomas, loose or watery output or urine. The thicker seal can also be stretched and moulded easily around irregular shaped stomas less than 50mm.

eakin Cohesive® large (4″ diameter – # 839001)
Greatest Coverage. eakin Cohesive® large seals are 98mm wide and are ideal for smoothing out uneven pouching surfaces including dips or creases. It can provide an even, dry pouching surface for a large area of skin.

1. Warm the seal between your hands for approximately 30 seconds.
2a. Stretch to fit around the stoma
2b. Position the seal on the body so that no skin directly around the stoma is exposed.
Flatten the outer edge of the seal and hold in place for about 30 seconds to ensure it is secure*.
OR Apply directly to the pouching system
3. There may be a need to fill in uneven peristomal skin to help prevent leakage.
4. Two-Piece System: If you have already placed the seal around your stoma, press the wafer to your skin and over the seal, then apply your pouch to the wafer. If you’ve applied the seal directly to the wafer, apply the wafer to your skin, then apply your pouch.
One-Piece System: If you have already placed the seal around your stoma, apply your pouching system over the seal. If you’ve applied the seal to your system, attach the pouching system to your skin.
Hold the pouch or wafer in position for a short time, to ensure the seal is secure





Barrier Shape


Wear Time


Barrier Fit



Outer Diameter: 2", Outer Diameter: 4"


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