Endoform Natural Restorative Bioscaffold – Fenestrated

Endoform Natural Restorative Bioscaffold – Fenestrated


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Manufacturer: Aroa Biosurgery Limited
Brand: Endoform Natural
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Endoform® ECM technology is unlocking regenerative healing for everybody.

Endoform® is an advanced wound care technology that addresses the underlying wound rather than simply managing the symptoms. Advanced extracellular matrix technology provides benefits at each stage of the healing process to stabilize, correct, build and organize tissue in acute and chronic wounds.

How Endoform® ECM Wound Care Technology Works

The core of Endoform® wound care is ECM technology. ECM takes a holistic approach, assisting with stabilizing and correcting wound tissue before encouraging growth and remodeling. This process can be done for both acute and chronic wounds.

Through a blend of 85% collagen and 15% secondary molecules, Endoform® contains components of the body’s tissues, allowing this wound care solution to react with its cells during the healing process. This interaction results in a biologically authentic yet porous structure designed to encourage epithelialization and fibroblast infiltration, which leads to new tissue formation with time.

Encouraging this pattern are the components making up Endoform®:

• Collagen: Endoform® ECM utilizes collagen I, a major structural protein, and collagen III, an early phase structural protein, to assist with building tissue.

• Secondary molecules: These are divided between the GAGs, designed to draw in water to hydrate the new tissue’s structure, and adhesion proteins. Among the 148 total secondary molecules are hyaluronic acid, heparin sulfate, collagen IV, fibronectin and laminin, all aiding with formation, attracting new cells and growing new tissue.


Benefits of Endoform® ECM Wound Care

Endoform® ECM wound care:
• Helps maintain the tissue’s natural molecular structure.
• Assists with restoring the balance of proteases to help a wound heal.
• Creates a natural ECM structure that helps cells build new tissue.
• Accommodates a wide range of wound proteases and their processes.
• Offers effectiveness in wound care from the first application.

Uses for Endoform® ECM Wound Care

Endoform® ECM wound care technology assists with treating:
• Full- and partial-thickness wounds
• Pressure ulcers
• Venous ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Chronic vascular ulcers
• Tunneled and undermined wounds
• Surgical wounds, including grafts and donor sites
• Traumatic wounds
• Draining wounds
• First- and second-degree burns

Sizes for Endoform® ECM Wound Care

Endoform Natural Restorative Bioscaffold – Fenestrated, formerly (Endoform Natural Dermal Template – Fenestrated) is available in a range of sizes to suit all wound types:
• 1×1”
• 2×2”
• 4×5”

You can also order the High Flow version or the Antimicrobial version of this product.

Product: 529312
Product: 529314
Product: 529315


Aroa Biosurgery Limited


Endoform Natural

Contains Silver



1" x 1", 2" x 2", 4" x 5"

Includes Border

No Border


Latex Free


Chronic Vascular Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Donor Sites, Draining Wounds, First and Second Degree Burns, Full Thickness Wounds, Graft and Donor Sites, Lacerations and Abrasions, Partial Thickness Wounds, Podiatric Wounds, Post Laser Surgery, Post Mohs Surgery, Pressure Ulcers, Skin Tears, Surgical Wounds, Traumatic Wounds, Tunneled/Undermined Wounds, Venous Ulcers


Each, Box of 10

Billing Supported



A6021, A6022

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