Mastisol Liquid Adhesive
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, Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

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Manufacturer: Ferndale Laboratories
Brand: Mastisol

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Mastisol is a liquid adhesive solution designed for various skin applications, including holding dressings, tapes and other medical devices in place and helping close certain wounds.

What Is Mastisol Liquid Adhesive?
Mastisol is a skin-compatible, non-water-soluble liquid adhesive that creates a reliable occlusive barrier. This solution:

• Helps improve dressing retention as a wound heals and limits superfluous, unplanned dressing changes.
• Allows medical devices to remain in place.
• Lessens risks of device-related infection.
• Helps with utilizing and reinforcing a range of securement solutions, including tapes and primary and secondary dressings.
• Is chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) compatible and free of latex.

In wound care, Mastisol Liquid Adhesive:

• Helps reduce infection risks.
• Can be used on moist skin and moisture-prone areas.
• Meets CDC guidelines for healthcare facilities.
• Helps improve the strength and reliability of dressings and adhesive tapes.
• Helps decrease the amount of waste generated as a result of dressing changes, resulting in savings for hospitals and other medical settings.

Uses for Mastisol Liquid Adhesive
Mastisol adhesive is designed for use in operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care, oncology, hematology, pediatrics, respiratory therapy, vascular access, wound care and ostomy care, including for securing:

• Wound closure strips and dressings
• Chest tubes
• ET and NG tubes
• Vascular access devices
• Fecal management bags and ostomy appliances
• Foley catheter anchors
• Field drapes
• NPWT drapes

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