Men’s Liberty Specialty External Catheter

Men’s Liberty Specialty External Catheter


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Manufacturer: BioDerm
Brand: Men's Liberty
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The Men’s Liberty was introduced as an alternative to traditional male external catheters, requiring application just once per day, providing a more discreet experience and utilizing a one-size-fits-all design.

How it Works
The Men’s Liberty external catheter:

Creates a secure, comfortable seal around the urinary opening with proprietary hypoallergenic hydrocolloid medical adhesive, helping keep the catheter in place.
Moves urine away from the skin, where it gathers inside an eight-oz. pouch that conveniently and discreetly fits inside your underwear. In the process, this action lessens your risk of developing a urinary tract infection.
Can be worn for up to 24 hours, reducing the number of changes needed per day.
Accommodates most male anatomy sizes to offer a reliable, non-restrictive fit.
Isn’t formulated with latex, reducing potential allergic reactions.
Won’t pop or slip off during use and can be removed easily with FreeDerm spray.
Can connect to a leg bag for daytime usage and a bed bag for nighttime wear.

The Mens Liberty external catheter was developed as a solution for managing male urinary incontinence, with the goal of keeping the wearer dry throughout the day and improving quality of life, no matter the patient’s age.
Compared to other solutions for male urinary incontinence, the Men’s Liberty external catheter:

Diverts urine away from the skin to lessen embarrassment and improve day-to-day comfort.
Comes with no side effects, unlike prescription incontinence medications.
Reduces irritation and potential infections — a risk when using a condom catheter on broken or irritated skin.
Can be used by patients and caregivers as a convenient solution to adult diapers that also reduces the number of changes.

Made in the U.S.

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Men's Liberty

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