Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing


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Manufacturer: Molnlycke Health Care
Brand: Mepilex
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With a five-layer design, Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings make use of Deep Defense™ technology to improve balance and flexibility while preventing pressure ulcers and helping heal wounds.

How Do Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings Work?
In terms of wound management, Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings use five unique layers designed to draw in exudate and create a moist healing environment. As this occurs, Safetac® technology closes off the wound’s edges to reduce leaks and potential maceration risks, and prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound bed.

This combination allows for secure, trauma-free dressing changes that minimize patient pain. Sized precisely to the sacral area, Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings achieve this by:

Absorbing Exudate: Once applied to the dry skin surrounding the wound, Mepilex® Border Sacrum dressings absorb and hold onto exudate, help the skin stay moist and assist with debridement. Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings are ideal for medium- to high-exudate sacral wounds, as well as following the surgical excision of pilonidal cysts.

Improved Healing: This process reduces pain, speeds up healing time and prevents additional trauma to the wound and adjacent skin.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Mepilex® Border Sacrum Dressings lessen pressure ulcer development risks by up to 88 percent when used in conjunction with a comprehensive prevention plan. Particularly, Deep Defense™ technology lessens pressure, shearing and friction and better manages the skin’s climate.

Safetac Technology
Safetac technology helps close the wound’s edges to block exudate from leaking out, flowing onto the patient’s skin and creating post-operative blisters.
The seal it creates is gentle enough that the dressing can be easily changed without damaging the wound or neighboring skin and increasing the patient’s risk of maceration.

This combination is ideal for helping heal pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, skin tears and surgical wounds and as part of prophylactic therapy.

Product: 282055

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, Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing


Molnlycke Health Care



Contains Silver


Dressing Size

6.3" x 7.9", 8.7" x 9.8", 9.2" x 9.2"



Includes Border



Latex Free




Partial Thickness Burns, Pressure Ulcers, Venous Ulcers


Each, Box of 5, Box of 10, Case of 25, Case of 40, Case of 50

Billing Supported

Yes on dressing size less than 9"x9"



Wound and Skin Condition

Fragile Skin, Medium to High Exudation, Painful Wound, Superficial Wound

Wound Care Product Category

Absorbent Dressings, Bordered Foam Dressings, Pressure Ulcer Treatment Dressings, Shaped Dressings

Wound type

Foot Ulcer, Pressure Ulcer

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