Peristeen Anal Irrigation System (Catheters Not Included) (Discontinued)
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, Peristeen Anal Irrigation System (Catheters Not Included) (Discontinued)

Peristeen Anal Irrigation System (Catheters Not Included) (Discontinued)

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Manufacturer: Coloplast
Brand: Peristeen

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NOTE:This product been discontinued and replaced with the new Peristeen Plus product from Coloplast. We currently have limited availability. For more information about Peristeen Plus and the product changes, please visit this page on the Coloplast website.

, Peristeen Anal Irrigation System (Catheters Not Included) (Discontinued)Peristeen empties the bowel by introducing water into the bowel using a rectal catheter. It is performed while sitting on the toilet. The water stimulates the muscles in the bowel and flushes out the stool, leaving the lower half of the bowel empty. Peristeen empties the bowel so efficiently, that it prevents fecal incontinence and constipation for up two days.

Peristeen is an effective alternative to other bowel management methods. It can be administered either on your own or with assistance and enables you to decide when and where you want to empty your bowel. Used routinely, daily or every other day, it can help reduce the physical discomfort and worry that fecal incontinence and constipation bring.

The Peristeen system contains the following components you need to irrigate your bowels
• A travel bag
• A control unit with pump
• A water bag
• Tubing
• 2 straps

Rectal catheters not included (sold separately here)

Key benefits of using Peristeen on a regular basis
• Peristeen offers predictable bowel management.
• Prevent faecal incontinence and constipation for up to 2 days
• Enables you to decide when to empty your bowels
• You can chose what time of day you want to irrigate, so it fits in with your lifestyle.
• Improves quality of life

How is Peristeen different from conservative treatment options?
As compared with conservative bowel management, Peristeen significantly:

Reduce symptoms of constipation
Reduce symptoms of faecal incontinence
Improve symptom-related quality of life
Improve bowel function, influence on daily activities, general satisfaction and quality of life
Reduce daily time spent on bowel management

Peristeen is portable and lightweight system that has been developed to make irrigation easy.

Key benefits
• The rectal catheter is pre-coated for smoother, easier insertion and comes in two different sizes: small and regular.
• The rectal catheter has a soft inflatable balloon, which sits inside the rectum during irrigation, so you do not have to worry about holding the catheter in place.
• The water bag is designed to stand on the floor and can easily be move around. There is no need to hang the water bag up high, which makes it easy to use by those who have poor mobility.





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