Polymem Silver Finger/Toe Dressing
Polymem Ag Finger/Toe Dressing
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Polymem Silver Finger/Toe Dressing


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Manufacturer: Ferris Mfg.
Brand: PolyMem
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PolyMem Silver dressings pair a hydrophilic membrane with a polyurethane film backing to control exudate while cleansing, filling and creating an ideal healing environment for wounds.

For abrasions to strains and sprains, PolyMem Silver Finger/Toe dressings are specially designed to easily and quickly roll onto fingers and toes to help reduce edema, bruising, pain and inflammation when applied to open or closed injuries. Containing antimicrobial, small-particle silver, PolyMem Silver dressings can be applied to help relieve both persistent and procedure-related pain and encourage the healing process.

Monks’ Note: The size listed is the circumference of the dressing as provided by the manufacturer. If you have sizing questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 844-859-9400.

How They Work
The high-purity silver particles contained in each dressing help create an antimicrobial environment, killing up to 99.9% of the bacterial population it comes in contact with. The PolyMem membrane then allows these particles to be released over and treat a greater area. As this process occurs, the dressing:

• Starts to absorb the exudate and, when this happens, releases a regular stream of silver ions to decrease the wound’s bioburden.
• Draws in moisture and exudate from the wound bed to transform it into a gel, and holding up to 10 times its weight in fluid.
• Conforms without adhering to the wound bed.
• Works to loosen and slough off necrotic tissue, helping the wound heal.
• Allows for clean, painless removal during changes to reduce maceration.
• Utilizes a thin, clear backing for greater visibility and doesn’t need to be wet for application.
• Can be worn alone without a secondary dressing on top to pack or cleanse a wound, or it can be used as a secondary dressing.

PolyMem Silver Finger/Toe dressings are designed for the fingers and toes, including for managing:

• Edema
• Bruising
• Inflammation
• General pain
• Sprains
• Strains
• Contusions
• Lacerations
• Ulcers
• Abrasions
• Matricectomies

Size #1 – 1.8″-2.2″
Size #2 – 2.2″-2.6″
Size #3 – 2.6″-3.0″
Size #4 – 3.0″-3.4″
Size #5 – 3.4″-3.8″

Product: 1401
Product: 1402
Product: 1403
Product: 1404
Product: 1405


Ferris Mfg.



Contains Silver


Pad Size

1.8"-2.2", 2.2"-2.6", 2.6"-3.0", 3"-3.4", 3.4"-3.8"



Includes Border

No Border


Latex Free




Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Surgical Wounds


Each, Box of 6, Case of 30

Billing Supported




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