Shapes by PolyMem Silver Oval Film Adhesive Dressings

Shapes by PolyMem Silver Oval Film Adhesive Dressings


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Manufacturer: Ferris Mfg.
Brand: PolyMem
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PolyMem Silver Shapes foam dressings encompass a spectrum of oval sizes. These primary or secondary dressings conform to the surface of the elbow, knee and other curved areas to absorb exudate and provide antimicrobial action.

How They Work
PolyMem dressings pair a polyurethane matrix film backing with a hydrophilic membrane. PolyMem Silver dressings further add high-purity silver particles, which work to create an antimicrobial environment by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms present in the wound bed.

This combination along with the unique shape:

• Helps the dressing conform to contoured areas of the body without detaching or restricting movement while also adjusting to the shape of the wound bed.
• Creates an ideal healing environment by controlling bacteria and inflammation, reducing pain in the process and moving the healing process along.
• Can be applied to both open and closed injuries.
• Releases high-purity silver particles over a larger area to control bacteria populations and lessen the wound’s bioburden.
• Absorbs 10 times its weight in exudate by taking on a gel consistency.
• Provides autolytic debridement to slough off necrotic tissue.
• Is easily and painlessly removed during dressing changes, preventing damage to the wound bed and surrounding tissue.
• Does not need to be damped for application.
• Has a thin, clear, breathable backing that allows you to observe the wound’s progress.

PolyMem Silver Shapes dressings assist with healing:

• Abrasions
• Bruises
• Chronic wounds
• Skin disorders
• Venous ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Donor and graft sites
• Full- and partial-thickness wounds
• Road rash
• First- and second-degree burns
• Skin tears
• Pediatric injuries
• Surgical wounds
• Deep tissue injuries
• Trauma wounds

Product: 1823
Product: 1853
Product: 1886


Ferris Mfg.



Contains Silver


Pad Size

1" x 2", 2" x 3", 4" x 5.7"

Dressing Size

2" x 3", 3.5" x 5", 6.5" x 8.2"



Includes Border



Latex Free




Pressure Ulcers, Surgical Wounds, Venous Ulcers


Each, Box of 10, Box of 15, Box of 20, Case of 20, Case of 30, Case of 100

Billing Supported



A6212, A6213

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