PORTEX D.I.C. Replacement Inner Cannulas

PORTEX D.I.C. Replacement Inner Cannulas


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Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
Brand: D.I.C.
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The Portex® is a flexible disposable inner cannula (DIC) tracheostomy tube made with siliconized PVC. This material creates a softer, more flexible option that allows for easier insertion and reduces potential trauma to the tracheal area and post-surgical infection. Each tube includes an integrated 15mm connector for ventilator circuit attachment.

Color-coded system: A system using five colors allows patients and caregivers to better identify tubes by size and inner cannula. Colors correspond with the size listed on the diameter of the inner cannula.

• 6mm -> fits 7mm tube
• 7mm -> fits 8mm tube
• 8mm -> fits 9mm tube
• 9mm -> fits 10mm tube

Innovative clip: The obturator includes a unique clip that lessens tip movement as the tube is inserted.
15mm connector: Built into each tube, this feature allows a caregiver to attach a ventilator no matter if the inner cannula is in position.
Soft-Seal® Cuff: Added to Cuffed Flex DIC tubes, this feature creates a low-pressure seal that further reduces potential trauma to the area.
Disposable: All Portex® DIC tracheostomy tubes are designed to be disposable, eliminating the need to clean tubes between uses.
Latex free: Latex-free construction reduces irritation and potential allergic reactions for certain patients.

To Use
1. Wash hands and suction the tracheostomy before opening the packaging.
2. Open the packaging for the Portex® DIC and remove it according to the directions.
3. Slowly and carefully insert the DIC and lock it in place, according to the package directions.
4.Dispose of the used inner cannula.

Product: 526060
Product: 526070
Product: 526080
Product: 526090
Product: 526100


Smiths Medical



Product Details

#526060 I.D. 5mm -> fits 6mm tube (Orange), #526070 I.D. 6mm -> fits 7mm tube (Green), #526080 I.D. 7mm -> fits 8mm tube (White), #526090 I.D. 8mm -> fits 9mm tube (Blue), #526100 I.D. 9mm -> fits 10mm tube (Yellow)

Inner Diameter

5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm


Each, Box of 20, Case of 60

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