Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser

Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser


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Manufacturer: Innovaycyn
Brand: Puracyn Plus
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, Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser
Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser is a professional-grade hypochlorous solution. Allowing for super-oxygenated irrigation, this multipurpose wound care product assists with cleansing, irrigating, moistening and debriding several types of injuries.

Helping prepare the wound bed, this advanced, pH-balanced solution is used in conjunction with wound irrigation, debridement and dressing procedures to create optimal healing conditions.

Benefits of Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser

Puracyn Plus is a new alternative to commercial cleansers and solutions that may inhibit wound closure. Compared to other wound irrigation solutions, Puracyn Plus:
• Is non-toxic and non-irritating, free of both alcohol and iodine.
• Does not contain steroids or antibiotics.
• Requires little to no preparation, including no mixing or diluting.
• Irrigates and prepares the wound bed for dressing application without damaging existing healthy tissue.
• Assists with reducing wound odor.
• Can be used to dampen and lubricate absorbent wound dressings.
• Stores for up to 24 months.

Uses for Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser
• Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser assists with treating:
• First- and second-degree burns
• Acute and dermal wounds
• Partial- and full-thickness wounds
• Grafted and donor sites
• Abrasions
• Skin irritations
• Post-surgical wounds
• Stage I-IV pressure ulcers
• Diabetic and stasis ulcers

Puracyn Plus Application Guidelines for Wound Therapy:
• Cleanse and irrigate the wound with Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser.
• Saturate a gauze dressing and apply to the wound bed. To help reduce wound odor, allow Puracyn Plus Professional Formula Wound Irrigation Solution to soak on the wound bed for three to five minutes.
• Proceed to additional debridement protocols, if necessary.
• Repeat the cleansing and irrigation of the wound bed.
• If needed, use appropriate wound filler and cover with a dressing.
• According to the wound etiology, it may be necessary to apply a final dressing that utilizes compression and/or offloading.

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Puracyn Plus

Product Details

55mL (2 oz) Twist Cap, 55mL (2oz) Pump Spray, 120mL (4 oz) Twist Cap, 120 mL (4 oz) Pump Spray, 250mL (8.5 oz) Twist Cap, 250mL (8.5 oz) Pump Spray, 500mL (16.9 oz) Flip Top, 500mL (16.9 oz) Trigger Spray, 1000mL (32 oz) Flip Top


2 oz. (59ml), 4 oz. (118ml), 8.5 oz. (250ml), 16.9 fl. oz. (500ml), 33.8 oz. (1000ml)

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Pump Spray, Trigger Spray, Twist Cap, Bottle, Spray


Each, Box of 6, Box of 12

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