SenSura Mio Click Convex Pre-Cut Flip Barrier

SenSura Mio Click Convex Pre-Cut Flip Barrier


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Manufacturer: Coloplast
Brand: SenSura Mio Flip
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As the definitive feature of the SenSura Mio Click Convex Flip, a barrier in a star formation accommodates curved, outward-facing body shapes, including hernias and bulges. Once secured over the stoma, innovative elastic adhesive flexes with the skin’s movement for a more comfortable, secure fit.

The SenSura Mio Click Convex Flip was the first series of its type to accommodate curved body shapes. To offer a greater sense of security:

The barrier won’t crease, fold or wrinkle, thanks to a unique inverted petal formation that fits over bulges and curved body shapes. Once the barrier is in place, you fold the petals outward.
A stability ring provides the stoma with just the support it needs and indicates where you should place pressure in application for optimal adhesion.
Elastic adhesive and fit zones improve contact with the skin and align with the body’s movements.
An integrated pre-circle filter reduces ballooning up to 61% by gradually releasing gas and preventing clogs. This factor allows you to better sleep through the night and offers a less-visible design for daytime wear.

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SenSura Mio Flip

Flange Size Color

Coloplast Green, Coloplast Red, Coloplast Blue, Coloplast Yellow



Barrier Shape


Product Details

pre-cut 3/4" (cuts to 1 3/8"), pre-cut 1" (cuts to 1 3/4"), pre-cut 1 3/16" (cuts to 1 3/4"), pre-cut 1 3/16" (cuts to 2 1/8"), pre-cut 1 3/8" (cuts to 1 3/4"), pre-cut 1 3/8" (cuts to 2 1/8"), pre-cut 1 9/16" (cuts to 2 1/8"), pre-cut 1 3/4" (cuts to 2 1/8"), pre-cut 1 3/4" (cuts to 2 9/16"), pre-cut 2" (cuts to 2 9/16")

Wear Time


Includes Tape

No Tape Border

Barrier Fit



Box of 5

Barrier Opening

3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm), 1 3/16" (30mm), 1 3/8" (35mm), 1 9/16" (40mm), 1 3/4" (44mm), 2" (51mm)

Billing Supported



A4407, A4408

Extended, Convex, Pre-Cut, No Tape Border
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