Simpurity Collagen Particles

Simpurity Collagen Particles


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Manufacturer: Safe n' Simple
Brand: Simpurity
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Simpurity Collagen products are designed as a cost-effective method for healing wounds. Using a powdered consistency, Simpurity Collagen Particles provide a high degree of versatility for wound care. The delivery method lets medical professionals pack the collagen-based solution into wounds across a range of size and shapes to create a moist environment.

How Does Simpurity Collagen Powder Work?
A lyophilized, non-bleached medical-grade undigested bovine source containing mostly Type I collagen is the primary ingredient in Simpurity powder. This combination:

• Mirrors the porous structure and behavior of human connective tissue, improving absorption within the body to encourage cell proliferation and migration.
• Uses substrate collagen to discourage matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) digestion, which can stall healing and encourage inflammation.
• Improves tissue regeneration and scaffolding, creating a clear path for fibroblasts to support granulation and tissue repair.
• Helps promote hemostasis by stimulating platelets and coagulating factors in acute wounds.
• Is created to be extremely biocompatible, achieved through an extensive purification process.
• Allows for a high degree of flexibility and conformability for dressing wounds.

Once applied to the wound, Simpurity Collagen Powder:

• Transforms into a gel consistency that’s adaptable and easily conforms to the wound bed.
• Absorbs a high amount of exudate while creating a moist healing environment.
• Uses glutaraldehyde-free cross-linking to improve mechanical strength, oversee enzymatic digestion and improve immunogenicity.
• Helps lessen immune reactions through low antigenic collagen.
• Decreases inflammation through atelocollagen.
• Can also be applied as a hemostatic dressing.

Uses for Simpurity Collagen Powder
Simpurity Collagen Powder is ideal for partial- and full-thickness wounds, including:

• Tunneled or undermined wounds
• Surgical wounds
• Low- to moderately-exudating wounds
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Venous leg ulcers
• Pressure sores
• Acute wounds
• Post-debridement care

Product: SNS5001G
Product: SNS5221G


Safe n' Simple



Product Details

1g Vial: SNS5001G, 1g Packet: SNS5221G


0.035 oz. (1g)


Diabetic Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Surgical Wounds


Each, Box of 5, Box of 10, Case of 30

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