StayFIX Fixation Device

StayFIX Fixation Device


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Manufacturer: Merit Medical
Brand: StayFIX
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Help your catheter remain in place during daily wear with the StayFIX® fixation device. Designed for percutaneous, non-vascular catheters, StayFIX® offers a convenient, needle-free solution against migration and accidental removal that improves your quality of life. For comfort, non-invasive construction helps reduce sharps-related injuries and the need for sutures.

As well, the StayFIX® can easily be applied by the patient and be worn for up to seven days.

How the StayFIX® Catheter Fixation Device Works
Medical-grade adhesives ensure a secure hold against the skin, which prevents the catheter from detaching and limits the incidence of unpleasant issues and complications.

Water-resistant, flexible hydrocolloid material works to limit leakage and prevent the tubing from moving.
StayFIX® stretches and adjusts to your body without causing the catheter to detach, ensures you have a full range of movement and reduces potential infections. The fixation device can be worn in the shower and lasts longer than comparable systems.

Why Use the StayFIX® Catheter Securement Device?
Along with all points mentioned above:

• The StayFIX® lets patients shower without having to add a shield or other cover over the insertion site.
• The StayFIX® helps the implanted catheter device remain in place and lie flat, helping prevent kinks to tubing in the process.
• The adhesive surface the StayFIX® provides creates a sense of confidence and security during your day.

To Use the StayFIX® Catheter Fixation Device

• The surrounding skin must first be wiped down.
• The patient can then attach the StayFIX device around the catheter tubing.
• Avoid touching the StayFIX® solution until it has dried on your skin.
• Although it can be worn in the shower, avoid submerging your StayFIX® catheter fixation device.
• Removing is equally straightforward: The user can detach the StayFIX device by themselves and may need to wipe off residue from the surrounding area.
• The StayFIX® catheter fixation device can remain in place for up to seven days. After this point, or if the adhesive loosens, the device should be removed and replaced.
• Within these seven days, inspect the hold the StayFIX® fixation device provides to ensure it continues to provide a secure hold.

Small Catheter Range: 5F – 14FR
Large Catheter Range: 12F – 22FR

Product: 680ME
Product: 685ME


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