Triple Helix Collagen Powder

Triple Helix Collagen Powder


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Manufacturer: MPM Medical
Brand: Triple Helix
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Triple Helix Collagen Dressings assist with healing first- and second-degree burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, blisters, scrapes and full- and partial-thickness wounds, including those producing a high amount of exudate.

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How Triple Helix Collagen Dressings Works

100% pure collagen: To speed up the healing process, Triple Helix Collagen Dressings are made of 100% pure collagen and are free of additives and fillers.

Heals with the skin’s natural structure: Its construction is designed to work with the skin’s natural cellular matrix, and after application, it stimulates fibroblast and macrophage generation.

Absorbs a high amount of exudate for its weight: Triple Helix Collagen Dressings absorb a large amount of fluid – roughly 40 times their weight – and prevent delayed healing. As well, the dressings assist difficult-to-heal and stalling wounds.

Fits to the wound: The dressings’ powder form allows the user or a medical professional to fit a sheet to the wound. Depending upon the type of injury, the material can be applied by itself or work in conjunction with a gel solution for deeper tunnel wounds.

To Use

  • Clean the area first with a wound and skin solution.
  • Apply the sheet at ¼-inch thick.
  • Do not pack the material tightly into the wound. Instead, use in conjunction with a wound gel for tunnel wounds.
  • Trim the sheet down to fit, and cover the area with a non-adhesive dressing.
  • Continue to change and apply daily until the injury heals.

Product: MP00310


MPM Medical


Triple Helix


0.035 oz. (1g)

Active Component

100% Type 1 Bovine Collagen


Diabetic Ulcers, Partial Thickness Burns, Pressure Ulcers


Each, Box of 5

Billing Supported




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